How long have you been acting in films?  

It’s been a little over five years

How did you get involved in film acting? 

They were shooting “Hannah Montana the Movie” and there was a write up in the Tennessean that they needed people over 50 to work as extras.  So I called my friend and told her we needed to go because they never needed people over 50 for anything.

Jean on set of “Hannah Montana” with Bernice Duvall

Had you done any theater or other acting prior to that?

No, not at all.

What faith-based films have you been a part of?

“Redemption”, “A Matter of Time”, “A season of Miracles”, “Lukewarm”, “Inspiration Pop 2929”, and “Flowers for Fannie”.

Jean on set of Lukewarm with Bill Cobbs

What other films have you been a part of? 

“Hannah Montana”, “Shot Down on Main Street”, “Country Strong”, “10 Seconds”, “Deadline”.

What type of character do you enjoy playing? 

Someone I can really relate to.  A tender hearted, fiesty older woman, but a little quirky too.    I really enjoyed playing the part of a great grandmother.  It’s easier to play older than younger!  LOL!

Jean as the jewelry store owner in “Flowers for Fannie” with Brittany Wilharm

What was your favorite film role?

I was blessed to be chosen to play the part of  Patty in “Inspiration Pop 2929” that is to premiere in May.  Patty is a lady that minds her business and about everyone’s else’s in a small town.  Even though she spent most of her time nagging her poor husband, Manny, their love and devotion comes shinning through.

Jean on the set of Inspiration POP 2929 with Andrea Thomas..(all day in hair rollers)

How did you get involved in casting? 

I took an acting class from Regina Moore a few years ago and we really hit it off.  She knew I was retired and called me one day and asked if I would help her out in her office.  And I’ve enjoyed it so much.  It may be just a day or two a week or six days in a week.

What do you do as a casting assistant?

Well  one day I may be calling agents setting up times for them to send talent to auditions, and the next driving back and forth to the airport picking up talent that has flown in from LA or New York to audition..  I also complete the paper work when actors come in to audition, work the shows Regina has contracted for like the CMT Red Carpet show, Crossroad Shows and other Specials.  I love going out on locations with her and seeing projects come together.  And helping her out with the Workshops that she teaches and especially the three weeks of kids acting camps that she has each summer.  It’s amazing to see her bring out the best in these young performers!

Jean on set of “Season of Miracles” with John Schneider

What do you enjoy most about casting?  

Working with Regina who is a great Christian lady is a blessing.  I love getting to see friends I have worked with on projects, meeting new friends, and also being able to hear the directors, producers and writers of projects as they discuss the talent that they have requested for call backs and how they do or do not fit the role.  Every day is a learning experience.

What advice can you offer to aspiring actors who want to get cast in faith-based features?

Sincerely believe in the project.  Being able to develop a character while being fulfilled artistically and spiritually is such a blessing.  And I feel has become a ministry by being able to reach people who may never enter a church door.

Jean on the red carpet with Curt Hahn Executive producer/director of “Deadline”


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