Summary –

An arrogant young executive must rely on the help of a grizzled, reclusive farmer to get her home in time for an upcoming gathering with her estranged family. It’s a prodigal story with a twist.


Review –

I must say initially, I wasn’t interested in this movie. I’d seen the trailer and it just didn’t look like something I’d like. But Fred checked it out of the church library and we decided to watch it Easter Sunday afternoon, since it had an Easter theme. Well, I am so glad he checked it out and really glad we watched it. “Backroads and Lilies” is one of the most entertaining Christian movies I’ve seen.

It’s a simple enough plot – Alza (Christina Karis) needs to get to her parent’s home by Easter only she runs into a series of escalating conflicts. She talks Lincoln (Jefferson Moore), a hermit, into driving her across the country. The dialogue and casting is what takes this movie to a new level. Christina Karis and Jefferson Moore are perfectly cast as opposite personalities. Christina Karis is an incredible comic actress. Her timing and delivery are spot on. Her sincerity and naturalness has us falling in love with her self-absorbed character. Jefferson Moore probably doesn’t say more than a couple of paragraphs in the whole movie, but he manages to say so much without saying a word. Then there’s the old pickup truck, a character all its own.


In the midst of all the razor sharp, witty dialogue, Biblical values of family, forgiveness, and priorities are subtly interwoven into the story so  that you get a wonderful spiritual lesson without ever feeling like you’re being preached to.

If you’re looking for a fun family film that will have you in stitches, “Backroads and Lilies” is an excellent choice.



  1. I must have watched this movie 10 times. It is so enjoyable. I would love to know where can I get the music from it? The songs are different.


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