CFDb is the Christian film equivalent to IMDb covering all things Christian film. The site not only includes a datebase listing of movies, but also reviews, interviews, and articles related to Christian film.  It is run by husband/wife team Roger and Annelie Rudlaff and webmaster Bryce Wisekal.  


When did you first get the idea for CFDb?

The idea for a Christian Film Database first came to Roger many years ago due to the Wayhouse Christian Film Library that we ran out of our home in Roanoke, VA.

Many people would come to the library and they would ask for a list of the films we had. Then Roger realized that people just didn’t know about Christian films, other than films like The Ten Commandments and Jesus of Nazareth.

It was an idea that sparked a website that eventually became CFDb –

What was it like in the earliest years?

We are still in the earliest years of CFDb, which became an LLC in 2010.  Before this time, it was more of a hobby and Roger was running everything by himself, with occasional help from our webmaster, Bryce of Foxyhare Web Services, which is located in Canada.

Although we had a lot of Christian Films listed on the database, there was a design change and Roger had to start over again adding films from scratch.  That put us behind a bit.

Image How has it changed and evolved since then?

Towards the end of 2010, I (Annelie) got involved and began monthly newsletters.  A few months later I started a blog page that covers mostly reviews and interviews, which I absolutely LOVE.

We are blogging normally 5-6 days a week and customer service has increased quite a bit since the beginning. We are continually making changes to the website and constantly looking for ways to improve CFDb.

What is your primary goal with CFDb?

Our primary goal is best stated in my  e-mail signature:  “Working together to reach people for Christ and glorify God in Christian Film.”


How do you determine what films to include?

We have a CFDb Guidelines page for specific information on what films we include but here are the basics:

  • The film needs to at least show a need for God somewhere in the film.
  • The film is marketed to Christians (If we don’t consider it a Christian film we will make note of that on the film page)
  • The film sounds like a Christian film based on the title or description.  (We will note any warnings that need to be on the film page as well)
  • The film does need to be at least 15 minutes long and if it’s a short film, it needs to be available for sale somewhere.

What factors do you consider when reviewing movies?

The main factor I use when reviewing movies is the point of the film.  What does the film speak to me?

We offer reviews and/or critiques.  Our reviews are completely different than our critiques. Our reviews are really looking for the positive quality of the film that we can share with others.  If we think the film is a 4 or 5 star then we will put recommendation in the title.  That’s the real clue! There are occasions where the film we really did not like and will say so, but it’s rare.


Tell us about the new profile pages.

The new profile pages are a great tool for people in the film industry to get their information out there, other than on IMDb.

Once we have a good base of profiles, we will be contacting casting directors to let them know about the pages, especially to help the newer actors.

For anyone wanting to add a profile to CFDb, here is the link:

What are your future plans for CFDb?

We want to become, “All Things Christian Film”. Our desire is to have CFDb be the place where anyone involved in the Christian Film Industry comes to for ideas, help, job hunting, etc. Every improvement we make is towards that goal.

Anything else?

We are still looking for an advertising sales contractor.  If anyone would like to know more information about the job, please e-mail me at


About the Author Sharon Wilharm

Christian speaker, Sharon Wilharm, is a women’s ministry leader, popular media guest, and award-winning female filmmaker whose stories have impacted audiences around the globe. Her filmmaking efforts have been recognized with dozens of accolades including the AFA “Shibboleth Award for Visionary Leadership in the Field of Christian Film Making”, four prestigious ICVM Crown Awards including Bronze “Best Picture”, a finalist in the Christian Retailing’s Best Awards and dozens of “Best Writer”, “Best Director” and “Best of Fest” festival awards. An accomplished storyteller, Sharon draws the audience in with humor, engages them with stories, then ties everything together to bring to light spiritual truths. Her heart’s desire is to encourage women in their walk with the Lord, showing them how to find God’s will for their life through prayer and scripture.

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