I’ve been hearing wonderful things about this movie for a long time. I just couldn’t imagine how a movie that takes place basically in a restaurant with two people talking the whole time could be that interesting. I finally picked up a copy, and I’m glad I did. It truly is a fascinating movie that keeps your attention despite the lack of activity.

If you’re going to watch The Perfect Stranger (which I highly recommend you do) there are a few things you need to know. First, before starting the movie, get your favorite food to eat during the movie. This is very important because otherwise you’ll do like I did. I spent the first half of the movie drooling over all the delicious looking food they were serving. The Stranger and Nikki do a lot of eating, as does everyone else in the restaurant. The problem is that it’s hard to push the pause button to go get food once it’s started. I caved in, though, just so I could concentrate better. Once you have your food, you are all set to enjoy the movie.


The Perfect Stranger is a dinner dialogue between Nikki Cominsky (Pamela Brumley) and the Stranger (Jefferson Moore). Nikki is struggling and searching for answers in her life and questions the Stranger, who says he’s Jesus. Their theological debate is powerfully fascinating. The Stranger says a lot in a few words. Many times he just turns the questions around, forcing Nikki to answer her own questions. Sometimes he quotes scripture. Sometimes he paraphrases. In the end, he provides much food for thought for both Christians and nonChristians alike.

The Perfect Stranger is a simple movie. Yet, despite, or perhaps because, of its simplicity, it has been enthralling audiences since 2005 and continues to be a popular seller. If you’re looking for mindless comedy, elaborate special effects, or breathtaking cinematography, look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for a movie that will intrigue you and impact you, then this is the movie for you. And the wonderful news is that it’s part of a series. Follow up The Perfect Stranger with Another Perfect Stranger and the upcoming Nikki and the Perfect Stranger as well as related movies The Perfect Gift, The Stranger, and Clancy.


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  1. We are very pleased to feature The Perfect Stranger on Sunday, January 19 (2014). This is truly a wonderful film experience and we will feature the second and third films in the trilogy, Another Perfect Stranger and Nicki and the Perfect Stranger in the coming months, please join us, if you are in our area, on the second Saturday evening and the third Sunday afternoon, of each month. Bedias, Texas, Christian Film Festival.


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