We’ve had an exciting first year of Faith Flix. 152 posts covered both well known and unknown individuals in the industry as well as movies, festivals, events, companies, and anything else related to independent faith-based films. Now it’s time to recognize those who had the biggest response. The winners of Faith Flix Favorites are those posts that had the most hits over the entire year. Check out the winners then browse around to read about the many other films and folks who didn’t make the top list.

Favorite Film 

Seven Deadly Words
Seven Deadly Words

1 – Seven Deadly Words

2 – Foreclosed

3 – Princess Cut

Honorable Mention – 5 Words

Favorite Filmmaker

Jefferson Moore
Jefferson Moore

1 – Jefferson Moore

2 – Michael Gier

3 – Joe Boyd

Honorable Mention – Greg Robbins

Favorite Actor 

Glenn Cartwright

1 – Glenn Cartwright

2 – Kevin Sizemore

3 – Bruce Marchiano

Honorable Mention – Brian Shoop

Favorite Actress

A. Michelle Harleston
A. Michelle Harleston

1 – A. Michelle Harleston

2 – Jenn Gotzon

3 – Apolonia Davalos

Honorable Mention – Mimi Sagadin

Favorite Young Actor/Actress

Abbey Rhyne

1 – Abbey Rhyne

2 – Tiffany Jordan

3 – Jaylon and Johnnie Gordan

Honorable Mention – Evan Fielding

Favorite Crew Member 

Chuck Byrd

1 – Chuck Byrd

2 – Mandi Lyn Toan

3 – Hakim Woods

Honorable Mention – Jennifer Whitus

Favorite Writer

Jordan Author Profile
Jordan Smith

1 – Jordan Smith

2 – Tim Enoch

3 – Christina Denton

Honorable Mention – Jim Stovall

Favorite Composer

Bethany Brinton

1 – Bethany Brinton

2 – Rick Holets

3 – Sean O’Bryan Smith

Honorable Mention – Jurgen Beck

Favorite Film Folks (Other)

Peter Kent

1 – Peter Kent 

2 – Jean Reinke

3 – David G. Baker

Honorable Mention – Cindy Navarro

Favorite Film Festival

Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival

1 – Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival 

2 – Bedias, Texas, Christian Film Festival

3 – Princebury Film Festival

Favorite Film Event

Cars show up at dusk with pavilion for popcorn and bounce house
Friends Family Theater

1 – Friends Family Theater

2 – The Good Book Movie Workshop

3 – Roanoke Arts and Entertainment Conference

Honorable Mention – International Christian Retail Show

Favorite Film-Related Company

VCI Entertainment
VCI Entertainment

1 – VCI Entertainment

2 – Russ Doughten Films

3 – True Exposure Production Company

Honorable Mention – Cross Shadow Productions

Congratulations to all the Faith Flix Favorites Winners!


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  1. Sharon, thank you for the recognition Faith Flix offers to independent Christian film makers and artists, we appreciate the extended reach you have afforded the Bedias Christian Film Festival over the last year and look forward to many more opportunities to share these wonderful films and the stories behind their making.


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