Isn’t it amazing how God puts together individuals with unique talents so that together they can accomplish so much more than either could as individuals? John and Brittany Goodwin are just such a couple. With a combination of Brittany’s background in film and writing and John’s education in business and art, the two are the force behind Every New Day Productions. Their mission is to create movies like Secrets in the Snow that provide a wholesome alternative to popular Hollywood movies. 


What is your filmmaking background?

I started my career in the industry in front of the camera as an actor. I began stage acting when I was barely five years old, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film when I was twenty. Soon after I began acting in film projects, I developed an interest and passion in how things worked behind the scenes. I was able to learn a lot about the industry through projects I acted in. I moved to North Carolina in 2008 with plans to write and produce films of my own.


How did you get the idea for Secrets in the Snow?

The idea to write Secrets in the Snow came from passions in several different areas of my life. As a teenager (and even now!) I loved the classic John Hughes films like The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Uncle Buck. I always found his characters so relatable and real and his stories were ones you could watch over and over again. A few months before I started writing Secrets in the Snow I had started working as an acting and singing teacher at a local performing arts school and began connecting with several of my young students. I was really surprised when I learned of the sort of content in the TV shows and movies that were popular for their age group, and the stories they would tell me about things happening in school and in their social groups. I wanted Secrets in the Snow to be a film that this younger generation could relate to and enjoy, as I had done with my favorite films, but that didn’t contain questionable content or language. I knew I needed to try to fill this void in popular media with a film that was wholesome and fun at the same time.


What was the greatest challenge while filming?

On a film set the days can be very, very long. Because we were filming in an active Christian school in the area, we couldn’t arrive on set until around 4:00pm once school had dismissed and we would film into the early hours of the morning. Our inner clocks and eating schedules definitely were thrown for a whirl, but the overall atmosphere on set was light and comfortable for the cast and crew and we always had a good time at work.


How did you select your cast and crew?

We auditioned over a hundred actors for the roles in Secrets in the Snow and ultimately chose those that not only had the acting talent but also had the drive and passion for the project. You can find the most talented actor out there, but if their heart isn’t in the message of the film it will show through! We were lucky to find a cast of young, undiscovered actors to play the six student roles and really bring the characters to life.


What is your favorite scene?

That’s the toughest question yet! Without giving away any spoilers, I will say that my favorite scenes in the film are those where the characters are really opening up and sharing their secrets. Several of the characters in Secrets in the Snow are extremely guarded through most of the film and seeing them let down their walls to the others and open up always tugs at my heart.

Secrets in the Snow

What has been the response to the movie?

The response to Secrets in the Snow has been overwhelmingly positive. When you make a film you know it will probably never be “perfect” but you hope that someone, somewhere is touched by the story you created. We have heard from some many people of all ages how the film has affected their lives and we know that we definitely did something right!

Anything else?

I hope viewers will consider Secrets in the Snow for any events they have coming up. It is a truly inspirational film for all ages, in any season, and we want it to have the ability to reach as many people as possible. And if you enjoyed Secrets in the Snow be sure to order a copy of the sequel, Secrets in the Fall, which takes the story to a whole new level and introduces many new characters that audiences are sure to relate to.

Secrets in the Snow

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