Today was our first day at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention at Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee. Such a beautiful location and such a fun event. Each year thousands of media related  businesses, organizations, and individuals come to attend workshops and lectures, press conferences, and socials. There’s truly something for everyone involved in film, television, and radio, as well as anyone who wants to connect with the media.


We began the day with workshops. I attended the Film Budget workshop led by David Nixon and Paul Sirmons. For me, the best part of the workshop was the firsthand stories of filming the Sherwood movies Facing the Giants and Fireproof. Which makes sense, since I love behind the scenes stories. Fred attended the Video Editing class and was pleased to discover that Kirk Guillot from CBN Nashville shoots with the same camera as him. 

After lunch we kicked off our interview time with an interview with NRB Network CEO Troy Miller. It was a perfect fit for Faith Flix as he shared about how NRB Network was created as a sort of PBS for faith content, a place where independent filmmakers could share their work. 

With Josh Newell

Next, we interviewed Josh Newell, Marketing and Communications Director for the Jesus Film Project. It’s an amazing story of a movie created in the 70’s that has been used to change lives all over the world. They are celebrating the film’s 35th anniversary with a re-release that includes post work on color and sound and a new soundtrack. 

Next on the agenda was pastor’s wife Donna Gaines. She shared about her new book Leaving Ordinary; Encounter God Through Extraordinary Prayer. We also talked about her involvement in the Memphis community with her ministry ARISE Memphis and the Pastor’s Wives Session of the Southern Baptist Convention, which she initiated. 

With Guy Noland and Suzanne Niles of SAVNtv

Finally, a chance encounter in an elevator led to an interview with Guy Noland of SAVN-tv, the Salvation Army Vision Network. He told us about their short documentary that was premiering at the convention as well as a feature documentary they’re working on called Hard Corps about addictions that lead to human trafficking. 

All in all, it was a productive and fun day of visiting with old friends and making new friends. Stay tuned in the next few weeks as we post the video interviews. 


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