I first heard about Sean Guerrero when he released his music video for “Walls” that starred Jenn Gotzon. It was a powerful song and video focusing on the topic of suicide and suicide prevention. Now Sean is impacting lives again, this time donating the proceeds from his latest song to families struggling with heart disease. 


How long have you been in the music industry?

I have been playing music since I was around 13 years old or so. When it comes to professional in the terms of going into a studio and recording a sound quality song…well, my first recording started when I was around 16 years in Fayetteville, NC. I’ll never forget that, I came into the studio and spent about 1 ½ hours trying to lay down 1 track (guitar) to a click track and I just couldn’t stay in time with the click. We took a lunch break and I told the producer I needed a click track that had a drum beat. The producer gave me a drum track and I went and laid down 5 different songs in about 1 hr – go figure lol.


How would you describe your style of music?

You know, when it comes to describing my style of music, if you ask people what I sound like – you’ll probably get about 16 different answers. I try not to put myself in a box as God has given me songs that touch different areas of the heart. I have acoustic, piano, mellow, alternative and hard rock. Put it this way…The Holy Spirit gave me a beautiful thought one day and said “What if God painted the skies according to the mood he’s in?”


Tell us about “Walls”. What was the inspiration for it?

My song “Walls” (Produced by Grammy Nominated and Dove Award Winning Producer, Mr. Dave and Josh Moody from Lamon Records at Quad Studios in Nashville, TN) is a powerful rock ballad about warnings against suicide written in a form that anyone can understand and be willing to listen to through strong and powerful lyrics, chord structures and arrangements. My inspiration from “Walls” came initially from Jesus. God showed me the chords and told me to write while I was in a small hooch (military term for a somewhat half single trailer) in Iraq. As I began to write the lyrics, I was reminded of all of the suicides that kept taking place overseas and in the US and then the song “Walls” was completed from inspiration of writing to a subject to give people hope against the act of suicide in that suicide is not what they think for storms only last a season; troubles will pass.

How did you select your actors for the music video?

The selection for my actors and actresses was kind of easy. Jesus gave me a very clear vision of who I was to have and the direction it needed to go in. The one thing God did tell me was that everyone who would be a part of the video would have a heart after Jesus and that the project would not be stained. Even though God did tell me that, I did not seek out Christians only nor did I send out specifications to the casting agency (Katrina Cook KatzKasting in Texas) stating I only wanted Christians – I just asked for solid actors and actresses that fit the role and everyone and I mean everyone from cast to crew had a heart after Jesus! Now as far as the lead role went, I actually was trying to get a few A-listers such as Kari Jobe (I love her heart for Jesus and would love to meet her one day – as that is a woman whose heart belongs to The Lord), Mila Kunis, Taylor Swift and a few others. While those did not work out, I was given a recommendation of the amazing Jenn Gotzon by Katrina KatzKasting. What a huge blessing that was! Her heart for Jesus, passion for acting and brilliant performance really made the story line to “Walls” come to life in a fashion unseen before by the audience in many ways! Watch her movies – you’ll be glad you did!

What has been the response to “Walls”?

This is so humbling to respond too…The response to Walls has been just like Jesus showed me – lives have been touched and changed on a Global level. There have been times where I’ve been up until about 2-3 in the morning reading stories / testimonies from people who could relate and were affected by the song. I’ve heard of others who were not even sure if they really believed in Jesus but shared the video with people who were struggling with similar circumstances to that of the story line in the music video “Walls” and were even receptive to hearing about The Love of God.


Tell us about your latest song, “Waiting for You”.

Ah, “Waiting for You” is a powerful song Jesus blessed me with. This song was written about 8 years ago in a much different fashion and I mean in a very slow, melodic, intimate way in my room while worshipping Jesus. Fast forward a few years later and God says to me “Here you are Sean, go here” and then we have it in this style. The song is about never giving up and pressing forward despite obstacles one may face and whatever drama may be going on in the world today. We have a greater hope of Jesus’ return soon but until then, we must press onwards and enjoy the life God has given us in and through Christ Jesus and fulfil what we are called to do – tell and introduce others to The Love of God and His Word – His Truth for He is Truth. This is the foundation of the song. Now, my Dad recently passed on to be with Jesus as a result of a Heart Disease (Massive Heart Attack – not hereditary) and I have dedicated this song to him as it falls right in line with the message of the song for those that may have lost someone…while it may feel like forever since someone has gone away, keep pressing onwards because you must fulfil the call and you have a hope of seeing them again.


What led to your decision to donate all profits from “Waiting for You”?

When my Dad passed away to be with Jesus, I was so feeling out-of-air – I don’t know, I was shocked yet Jesus Never and I mean Never left my side! Not enough room in this question to state all the visitations, signs (if you will), confirmations, etc. that Jesus did and the continuous speaking Jesus said with and to me and also the correction of encouragement when I felt like giving up that I needed. Jesus made sure I did not move to the left or right – that’s how Incredible and Awesome God is! Jesus said…”If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.” Matthew 19:21. God also said to me “Selfless acts will fund your ministry.” With that being said, I was only going to give a portion of the proceeds to families struggling with Heart Disease in memory of my Dad because we all know that people struggle financially who don’t know the Lord and those that do know The Lord might also be looking for breakthrough. Well, when I was coming back from recording a worship song in Griffin, GA with Jason Hoard at Black Cat Studios (Producer of “Waiting for You”)…I was walking through the airport to my plane and God spoke to me to give all that I receive from this song through Digital online sales (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) of the song “Waiting for You” and proceeds from radio play to families struggling with Heart Disease and to feed the poor. I called my manager Ginger from Kendall Agency and the response was priceless…”Can you first pray about that Sean?” Needless to say, she is so excited to be a part of this call and is giving her proceeds to those who have been abused and I am excited to say that Lamon Records is also giving proceeds to the Nashville Rescue Mission! We are all excited about this humble opportunity to sincerely help people with no expectations! I’m excited to be a part of God’s call – I’m so excited. Heck, if this was the last work I did for God and then God called me home to be with Him…what better way to go than to give all that God gives us back into investing in people…investing in the Kingdom of our God  Selfless acts.

I saw a story where a very wealthy man from India sold all that he had to give to the poor. He goes on into the streets clothing and feeding people and washing their feet! I have no idea if he professes to be a Christian, but, what an incredible resemblance of what Jesus said to do in giving all that you have to help others…is there any greater joy?


What is your goal as a musical artist?

My goal as a musical artist is to first and foremost always put a smile on Jesus’ face and touch His heart to where he moves off his throne to listen; Jesus moves to the beat, taps his feet and comes to dance with me in His presence. I hope to continue to gain supporters all over the world with and through God’s favor in all markets to see lives touched and changed for God said “If my name be lifted up I will draw all men unto me.” Finally, I look forward to having a successful career in sharing what God has given me as Jesus sees fit for all to listen and hear.

Anything else?

Never compromise who Jesus has called you to be for the sake of fitting in. Jesus did not change who he is – even when he hung out with the worst of sinners, so, are we better than Him? God Forbid. Share the song and story with your friends, networks, social, radio and television networks and contacts and go buy the song, request the song on any and all Rock Radio stations! Not for me, for I am not taking anything…do it for the knowing that we are sowing into The Kingdom of God without hesitation! We are investing in people – investing in reaching out to souls through The Holy Spirit. My song “Waiting for You” can be found on iTunes @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/waiting-for-you-single/id873104015 and anywhere music is sold! Come follow me at seanguerreromusic on facebook, Seanguerrero777 on twitter. www.seanguerrero.net


About the Author Sharon Wilharm

Christian speaker, Sharon Wilharm, is a women’s ministry leader, popular media guest, and award-winning female filmmaker whose stories have impacted audiences around the globe. Her filmmaking efforts have been recognized with dozens of accolades including the AFA “Shibboleth Award for Visionary Leadership in the Field of Christian Film Making”, four prestigious ICVM Crown Awards including Bronze “Best Picture”, a finalist in the Christian Retailing’s Best Awards and dozens of “Best Writer”, “Best Director” and “Best of Fest” festival awards. An accomplished storyteller, Sharon draws the audience in with humor, engages them with stories, then ties everything together to bring to light spiritual truths. Her heart’s desire is to encourage women in their walk with the Lord, showing them how to find God’s will for their life through prayer and scripture.

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