Fifteen years ago we made our first movie. Our original goal was simple – create a documentary of local history. Along the way we met a singer with beautiful original music, and the documentary transpired into a faith-based narrative feature. We gave it our best, but we were complete novices as was everyone involved. The town’s museum sold the hundred or so VHS tapes we made, and the library put a copy on their shelf.

I swore our first filmmaking endeavor would be our last, but God had more movies in our future. Each one has been a little bigger and, we like to think, a little better. Class of 91 sold in Christian stores and aired on Parables and NRB Network. Flowers for Fannie made it to iTunes, public libraries across the country, and even screened at college campuses and on cruise ships.

Now The Good Book is making its rounds along the festival circuit. We’ve been honored to be included in almost a dozen festivals so far with multiple wins including “Best Feature” and “Best Inspirational Film”. Today,though, we embarked on a cross country journey to a destination we never imagined we’d go. We are headed to Los Angeles for the Pan Pacific Film Festival where The Good Book is nominated for “Best Mission”. Our film will be screening at the 800 seat Aratani Theater in downtown L.A. I can’t quite wrap my mind around it.

I invite you to join us on the journey as we make our way to the City of Angels.

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