If you haven’t yet heard of The Resurrection Project, you will. Set to be the sequel to Mel Gibson’s The Passion of Christ, The Resurrection is not just a movie, but a global movement designed to set the world afire for Christ. I met executive producer David Wood at the Pan Pacific Film Festival last month in L.A. and was introduced to this exciting project that has already been embraced by so many in the film and faith industry. 




Hello, David! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to Faith Flix about The Resurrection Project. So tell us, what makes this movie project so unique from other films?

This project is unique for a number of reasons. First, it’s the second part of the story of Mel Gibson’s successful Passion of The Christ, but the real power of our faith is The Resurrection. Second is the way we’re releasing it from a web platform where people will buy this film, game and sound track directly from us.

What was the inspiration for the project?

The inspiration was a download from God that He gave me in 2004, a project that would unite the church globally and then allow us to engage the world with this most important story.

resurrection david2

How long have you been working on this?

I have been working on this project for 10 years now. The last few years it has really been coming together.

What has been the response so far? Tell us about some of the supporters who have joined in.

The response has been just overwhelming and exciting for me. We have been meeting with para church groups and churches, parishes, and believers from all over the world.

What has been the greatest challenge?

The greatest challenge has been trying not to do this in the flesh, to let God lead this and stay in the flow of the Holy Spirit daily. At the beginning and the end of the day, this is God’s film not mine. I am just trying to steward it.

resurrection 1

When will you begin filming?

We’re still raising money and marketing and developing the project. We won’t start production or casting until were fully funded.

What is your full vision for the project?

The strategy is driving the world to a web platform to buy and engage with the project, just like Facebook using the college infrastructure to launch and get to where they are now at one billion people online, the third largest nation next to China and India. Our goal is to use the church in the same grass roots manner to get to a few billion.

How can people join in and get involved?

Anyone can get involved by praying for us, joining the social media campaign, making a donation to the crowd funding side of our project – even though most of the funding will come from investors – or just by going up to the website and telling others .

resurrection pp

I’ve seen that you’re partnering with movies like Doonby and Jackson’s Run. Tell us about that.

I am involved with numerous other projects where I am an Executive Producer or people are using our global marketing and distribution model. God has told me that our project is a catalyst but to help other projects as well with our system.

Well, David, thank you again for sharing with us today. Anything else you wanted to mention?

This film is about the love and hope of Jesus Christ that the world so badly needs these days. So please, everyone, let’s make it about the love, as we all have been forgiven of much.




About the Author Sharon Wilharm

Sharon Wilharm is a female filmmaker, blogger, and speaker. Her movies have screened in theaters, festivals, and churches around the globe, aired on multiple television networks, and sold in stores and online outlets throughout English speaking countries. She's accumulated dozens of festival accolades including the “Shibboleth Award for Visionary Leadership in the Field of Christian Film Making”, numerous Best of Fest awards, and 4 ICVM Crown Awards. She's passionate about storytelling and loves entertaining and inspiring audiences with her filmmaking, writing, and speaking.


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