I try to keep up with all the new faith-based films coming out. I’ve found I generally have a love/hate relationship with movies. Either I love them or hate them.


Earlier this weekend, we watched (or started to watch) two different movies that are available right now in Christian bookstores. But we couldn’t get past the glaring plot holes, on-the-nose dialogue, and shoddy lighting and sound. Not to mention,the stories themselves were just not that interesting, or deep, or relevant.

Then tonight we popped in Seven Deadly Words. I’ve actually seen it twice before,  first at International Christian Film Festival, then at GloryReelz Christian Film Festival. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting director Doc Benson and actress Kimberly Richardson. I knew I’d liked it, but I wanted to watch it again because a family member is going through a similar situation as the one Pastor Evan goes through in the movie.

Wow! It could have been based on what’s happening right now in their church. The details are slightly different, but the church politics and relationships are the same. Doc has done an amazing job of capturing both sides of the disagreement and the impact that the fighting has on the church and the community. He also did a fantastic job of directing a cast of relative newcomers and drawing out very believable performances from all the actors. He is definitely deserving of the “Best Director” award he received at GloryReelz and the film itself is worthy of the many, many film festival accolades it has received.

Seven Deadly Words is a story for the church. It’s a situation that many church members, especially those in the ministry, can relate to. What I like the best, is that while the protagonist and antagonist roles are clearly defined, Doc allows us to connect with the antagonists, the Hamon family, and see them as well intentioned albeit completely misguided church members. The script for this movie is several notches above most of the independent faith-based films I’ve seen, providing a wonderful depth of emotion for the audience..

Seven Deadly Words is available in Christian bookstores across the country. I highly recommend this to anyone in the ministry, anyone who knows someone in the ministry, or anyone who’s ever gone to a church that had issues.

seven 2

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  1. Sharon, do you know that the story for this film is based on actual events? The special features on the DVD also show a reconciliation gathering between some of the previous pastors who served that particular church and the church membership.


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