The annual National Religious Broadcasters Convention coming up next week is a wonderful opportunity to learn and network. But it can also be a little intimidating the first time around. Here’s some advice to help make your first experience the best possible.

nrb 1

First, wear comfortable shoes. Opryland is gigantic and you will spend a lot of your day walking.  I love people watching and observing how the female attendee fashions change during the week. On the first day a good portion of the women are in fashionable high heels. The next day many of them are carrying around those heels, and by the third, pretty much everyone is in comfortable shoes. Regardless of shoes, however, the dress code is business, not too casual.


Second, dress in layers. It’s going to be freezing cold next week and the walk from your car to the resort will be brutal. However, the interior of Opryland is pretty much an atrium. It’s beautiful with tropical plants and even a river with a riverboat taking tours through the resort, but it’s warm. You’ll roast in your winter clothes. So dress in layers and bring a lovely tote bag to carry around your winter coat.


Next, it’s expensive to park at Opryland, so if you’re not staying at the resort, you’ll want to save money by parking at the Opry Mills parking lot instead. Just take the mall exit then circle around the mall until you get to the far western side. You’ll see a fence separating Opryland from Opry Mills, and a sidewalk with an arch that connects the two. Park near there then follow the sidewalk until you feel like you can’t walk any further. When you get to the circle drive, enter the building at that entrance. When you get into the atrium area, take a right and follow the crowd until you see the escalator. At the top of the escalator you’ll see all the NRB signs and information booths.


Finally, NRB is a great opportunity for networking and letting people know what projects you’re working on. If you’re going to be at NRB, we’d love to meet you and snap a photo or two of you. From 10:30-11:30 on Tuesday we’ll be in the open area outside the media room doing informal meet and greet photo sessions so stop by and say hi and pose for a picture with us. See you there!


About the Author Sharon Wilharm

Sharon Wilharm is a female filmmaker, blogger, and speaker. Her movies have screened in theaters, festivals, and churches around the globe, aired on multiple television networks, and sold in stores and online outlets throughout English speaking countries. She's accumulated dozens of festival accolades including the “Shibboleth Award for Visionary Leadership in the Field of Christian Film Making”, numerous Best of Fest awards, and 4 ICVM Crown Awards. She's passionate about storytelling and loves entertaining and inspiring audiences with her filmmaking, writing, and speaking.

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