Venetia Baldwin is the Founder & Curator of The Narrow Way Film Festival, an event that features Christian-themed feature-length and short films from local, national and international artists of all ages and experience levels. It takes place July 17-18, 2015 at WHYY Studios in Philadelphia, PA.

*What led to you starting The Narrow Way Film Festival?
I’ve always loved film and felt it’s an artistic expression that’s potent and compelling. There’s something very powerful about seeing stories unfold on screen and getting assurance that you’re not alone on life’s journey. As a Christian, I’ve yearned for films that change the atmosphere of what is commonly accepted in mainstream media. Films that empower, inspire and advance messages of morality haven’t always had the platform they’ve had in the last few years. I wanted to create a family-friendly atmosphere where people with diverse backgrounds could see quality films that address the challenges and victories of believers while also spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The stories represented at the festival cover a range of topics that give a realistic view of Christian life. A misconception is that we’re somehow insulated from the same battles as everyone else, but that’s far from true. I want people to see that the “difficult way that leads to life” described in Matthew 7:13-14 has a guarantee—with God as our guide, we always win! This scripture is the inspiration for The Narrow Way Film Festival’s name and a constant source of inspiration; one that I hope will also encourage others.

Los Traficantes
Tired of Life

*What has been the greatest challenge with getting a new film festival up and running?
There’s so many great venues in the city; it’s hard to choose the perfect one!

*What were you looking for in your film selections?
I sought films that would resonate with everyone and diversity regarding genres and cultures was a priority.

The Good Book
The Hampered Helper

*What are your goals for the festival?
My goal for the festival is to spread the Gospel; I love to see lives changed! I also want attendees to understand the creative process of filmmaking and get insider information regarding the film industry. I’m so grateful for the visiting artists and industry professionals who will conduct Question & Answer sessions and workshops at the festival.

Prayer - a music video
Prayer – a music video

*What are you most excited about the festival?

I’m super excited about the range of films that will be shown at this year’s festival! The stories that attendees will see will make them laugh, cry, and everything in between.

Steps of Faith
Steps of Faith

Official Selections for The Narrow Way Film Festival 2015


Steps of Faith

Such Were Some of You

The Heart of the Matter


Single Creek

The Redemption of General Butt Naked

Tired of Life

In Plain Sight

Los Traficantes

The Good Book




Dying Roads

Made from Clay

Just An Outside Shot

The Biggest Temptation


It’s Not About Me

Tired! Running


My Last Day

Starting Over: A Record of Faith

Now or Never

Colaborate: Communion and You

Hampered Helper

Moses: The Frustrated Leader

Abraham and Sarah: The Ordinary Patriarchs


Book Ends


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