Participating in film festivals is a fun part of filmmaking. Just as each filmmaker has their own mission, their own style, their own reason for making movies, so does each festivals. Some are designed to provide entertainment for their local community. Some are designed to recognize filmmakers. Some do both. Some are big. Some are small. Most are somewhere in between.

I particularly appreciate the ones with a big vision, reaching beyond the basics and providing a truly special event both for the community and the filmmakers. UK Christian Film Festival is one of those. In its fourth year, the festival includes four days of short films, feature films, documentaries, and children’s films chosen from the top films around the world. I particularly like the way they partner with Bible Society’s Christian Resources Expo. We are honored to have The Good Book as one of the four short list feature films screening at the CRE at the ExCel popup cinema . I’m excited to hear from Executive Director Ray Horowitz as he shares about the festival.


What led you to get involved with the festival?
Because I have worked in the TV and film world for approx 15 years in the USA, UK and elsewhere, I have known many talented filmmakers that deserve to be recognised and given a platform. It is a particularly difficult industry for Christians to do so. We created UKCFF to find the best in Christian filmmaking from around the world, acknowledge and honour it and provide the platform that filmmakers need. We are committed to building a community of extremely talented, creative people whose talent is dedicated to the Lord and who have many stories to tell but share one vision.


How has the festival changed since it was first begun four years ago?
The quality of submitted films – and sometimes the budgets – has increased exponentially

What makes UKCFF unique?
Because of the UKs political and cultural history, we have ready access to Christian filmmakers from around the globe, including Bollywood (India) and Nollywood (Nigeria). These filmmakers and indigenous talent add unique pairs of eyes to the filmmaking landscape

How do you determine which films to screen?
We do follow a strict judging protocol, similar to that used by other film festivals. However, we also look for the Christian message told in the most creative ways.

record keeper

What can people expect if they attend the festival?
To be entertained and challenged by some amazingly creative storytelling.

What are you most excited about this year’s festival?
The range, depth and creativity of film submissions is greater than ever. It is a genuine privilege to view what the Lord is doing through film worldwide.

Anything else?

All are welcome.

If you’d like to attend this exciting event, it takes place May 19-22 at the Oz Arena in London, UK.

For more information, visit the website.

The Good Book

About the Author Sharon Wilharm

Christian speaker, Sharon Wilharm, is a popular media guest, award-winning female filmmaker, and women’s ministry leader, whose faith-based films have screened in theaters, festivals, and churches around the world, and on multiple television networks. Sharon has recently taken over as women's ministry director at her church. Her passion is to lead prayer retreats, engaging women of all ages to pray with each other, for each other, praying with expectation.


  1. Hi Sharon,
    My name is Miebaka, I recently had the leading to go into faith based movies . I have no knowledge on movie making. I would love to speak with you concerning what I need to know before shooting a movie..


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