This past spring I heard from a college friend we hadn’t seen in many years. Turns out his daughter is going to Belmont this year and will be minoring in film. I discovered Caroline George is a talented young woman who has already authored two published books and is going to college to learn the publishing field as well as screenwriting and film. I’m excited to share about the exciting things she’s already accomplished and what she’s looking forward to accomplishing in the future. 


Caroline, when did you first discover you had a talent for writing?

Storytelling is the gift and calling God’s bestowed upon me. Ever since I learned to speak, I’ve been telling stories. Before I could hold a pencil, my mom would write down my stories and let me illustrate the little novels. I spent my childhood with my nose in books, mainly Nancy Drew and The Chronicles of Narnia. I was and am madly in love with stories and their incredible ability to paint emotions, pictures, and people in the minds of readers.

Because of my story-obsession, I found writing to be a way for me to share my plots and characters with others. It wasn’t so much of a talent, but more of an inextinguishable passion. I loved writing so much, I practiced until I could tell my stories in the most vivid, relatable way possible. I’m still learning.

Be The Victor, Option 3-2

What was your first big writing project?

In middle school, I began writing complete short-stories and books based on The Chronicles of Narnia. All were about the Pevensie children’s adventures in Narnia and during World War II but with an added character—an American girl named Caroline. After I had written two fan-fiction novels and published sixty short-stories online about my adventures in Narnia, I gave my work to my English teacher, thinking I’d publish the books and become a millionaire. My English teacher, without telling me that the publishing industry isn’t as easy as I assumed, encouraged me to write a wholly original work. Her suggestion led to the creation of my first book, The Prime Way Program: Be The Victor.

How old were you when your first book released?

My goal was to be published by age sixteen. There were times I didn’t believe the goal to be attainable, but God, the most successful author of all time, was working as my writing hands, agent, editor, publicist, and publisher. He placed people in my life to encourage, support, and provide aid while I chased after publication.

Twenty-five days before my sixteenth birthday, my first book was released on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

caroline cover2

Tell us about The Prime Way trilogy.

When the Prime Way Program is shut down and a majority of its recruits are locked away, Kyle Chase and Cora Kingston, both genetically modified soldiers who managed to escape the initial imprisonment, try to adapt to normal, civilian life. They live with Cora’s aunt, brother, and cousins in a bungalow on the beach. And for a while, everything seems to be going great. Kyle surfs. Cora learns how to cook. They’re happy. But when their covers are blown and tragedy strikes, Kyle and Cora must return to their aggressive world of deception and mutation, and wage war against a strengthening enemy.

The Prime Way Trilogy delves into the themes of sacrifice, honor, and choosing to be different when it’s easier to succumb to normalcy. The trilogy blurs genres and dares to have a unique structure and character voices, which makes it stand out in a sea of novels.

Each book represents a milestone in my life and shows a glimpse of who I was as an early teenager. I’m both excited and sad to bring the series to a close.


What has been the response to your books?

I’ve been overwhelmed by people’s positive response to my books. Never in a million years would I have expected people of all ages to truly love my work. In the past few years, I’ve gained readership worldwide, loyal fans who continue to shock me with their support, and amazing reviews. I was rated number five on Goodreads list of YA undiscovered talent. Both of my books were nominated the Georgia Author of the Year Award.

I am in awe of all that God continues to do with my meager passion for storytelling.


How has being homeschooled played a role in your writing career?

Being homeschooled allowed me to have time to pursue God’s vision for my life. If I had gone to a more traditional school, I wouldn’t have been able to write and publish at such a young age. The “homeschooler academy” I did attend, not only provided me with a flexible schedule, but also introduced me to several people who helped me become an author.

What led to your interest in writing for film?

I want to be able to tell my stories in multiple forms. Film allows me the chance to visually portray my stories and also share my work with people who might not enjoy reading. I also believe that some stories are geared more for the screen than a page. I want the flexibility.


What do you hope to learn while at Belmont?

Belmont is a terrific university that offers countless opportunities. While there, I hope to grow in my knowledge of the publishing industry, learn how to write for the screen, and also be instructed on how to be a productive, professional adult.

What are your goals for the next ten years?

One of my goals for the next ten years includes contracting and publishing my latest book with a traditional publishing house. I’m traveling to New York City next week to pitch my latest book to agents. Please keep me in your prayers!
My other goals include finishing school and The Prime Way Trilogy, finding work as a literary agent, and seeing major development in my writing career. I’m excited to see how God works and experience the adventures He has in store for me.


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