I had the privilege of watching Where is Good? at the Faith Film Fest last month. It is a powerful movie full of twists and turns and a strong pro life message that like Ricky says, truly has you thinking and talking long after the movie is over. 

Ricky B Head Shot

What was your inspiration for the movie?
The movie was inspired by several real life events of some really close friends of mine.

What is your filmmaking background?
Where is Good? is my first feature length film, but before then I’ve done several music videos, for some urban, hip hop, and gospel artists. I’ve also done commercials and many live events.


What was the greatest challenge you faced when filming?
My greatest challenge was overcoming fear. When I was about to start Where is Good? I was scared of wasting my time and my investors money. Once I got over that, I was walking on water. And walking on water is still scary.

Where has Where is Good? screened?
It has played all over the South. It was in theaters in Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carilona, and on the west coast in California.


Tell us about the response to the screenings.
People love it. Where is Good? is the type of film people talk about and discuss after the film is over.

When will the movie release to DVD?
I think in Feb/March.


What are your plans for the future? 
I’m beginning production on my next movie 3 days 3 nights.

Anything else?
If you have a dream, follow your dream. Walk out on Water.

where is good cover


  1. I missed the showing here in Smyrna and hoped it would have have shown longer. I did however love working on set with everyone and had an awesome time in the two scenes I was in. Thank you


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