I’m excited to interview Dave Christiano today and help promote Remember the Goal. Dave came to the premiere of Providence and has been such a great supporter for us, helping us manuever theatrical releasing as well as helping us with DVD distribution, and it is an honor to now return the favor by sharing about this wonderful film.

Remember the Goal Dave Christiano

When did you make your first movie?

I started in 1985 producing my first movie entitled The Daylight Zone, which was released in 1986 when the Christian film industry was very differentback then than it is now.

What i€™s your filmmaking background and education?

I studied radio-television at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas (Bachelors and Masters) and then pursued filmmaking by personal study and application. I did not go to film school.

How many movies have you been involved in?

Along with my twin brother Rich, we have produced 16 movies and 64 episodes of the TV series, 7th Street Theater.

remember the goal5

What was the inspiration for Remember the Goal?

I ran cross country in high school and college, plus have coached two teams. It is my favorite sport. The idea came for the ending one day while reading Mark chapter 5 in the Bible. First time something like this has happened to me. I was reading where Jesus raised a 12 year old girl from the dead, and an idea popped into my mind of a way to end a movie about cross country. You might think, how in the world do these two even relate? Well, when you see the movie, the connection is made. I then fleshed out the idea and added 5 storylines around the top 5 runners on each team, stories all relevant to teen life today. These are life lessons for teens, parents and coaches.

remember the goal3

What are you most excited about this movie?

As with every project, you pour 100% into but this particular one has a theme that I hope will catch on with teens and people, based on 1 Cor 10:31 in the Bible where it says to do all to the glory of God. That one verse alone can give everybody direction in life, purpose, meaning, and guidance. In addition, this is an inspirational movie but not fake Christianity or prosperity gospel so I am excited about. Lastly, it presents the gospel clearly and that is always first with me.

How is this movie different from your previous movies?

This is not different in terms of gospel or bible theology, all of our movies are consistent with that, but being a sports movie, it’s my first “action” film and so that was exciting. The running sequences allow for a change of pace in the movie. I want to do another sports movie in the future if I can because of this experience.

remember the goal

What do you hope that people will get out of Remember the Goal?

This is not just another movie coming down the pike. It has eternal purpose in that it can give a viewer clear direction. My brother and I pay attention to story most of all and want to make sure we can engage a viewer with the message we’re trying to put forth. We also want our movies to have substance to them and not fluff, and we are not into an easy Christianity. That doesn’t exist! Lastly, it will bring some exposure to the sport of cross country which really builds discipline in a person and is valuable for life.

What is your greatest goal as a filmmaker?

My goal since day one in 1985 has not changed: to produce movies with a direct message for Christ either for evangelism or Christian living.

remember the goal2

When/where will people be able to see Remember the Goal?

REMEMBER THE GOAL is coming to theaters only and we have a plan right now for theaters over the next 3 years, in the fall. Ten states this August, 10 more next August, and 10 more after that. There will be no dvd, no vod, no netflix and no tv. Just theaters! The theaters are listed on our website at FiveAndTwoPictures.com. I’m also wanting to build a dedicated Christian Movie theater complex and in time, perhaps establish a small chain of them. These would be theaters presenting Christ-centered movies only – both new and old. It’s a plan in the works. Remember The Goal would end up at these theaters as a permanent fixture.

Anything else?

The hardest thing is to get awareness on these films and get people to go and support them. We are trying our best to deliver a worthy product but we hope people will support this effort as we try to point people toward the Lord. We need the support and that is simply by attending the movie.  I’m excited about this one most of all because I don’t think anyone will see the ending coming. The actors didn’t know the ending until we filmed it and none of them guessed it, so that was pretty cool for me.

Remember the Goal poster


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