Terri Minton is one busy lady. She stumbled into acting twenty years ago and has since accumulated a long list of credits including Summer Snow, A Horse for Summer, Heaven Bound, and  Saved by Grace. You can catch her as Beth Nimmo, Rachel Scott’s mom, in I’m Not Ashamed, releasing this weekend to theaters across the country. 


With your degrees in fashion, did you ever consider doing wardrobe for film?
What a great question! I have always loved fashion! I have degrees in Fashion Buying and Merchandising from both The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and Lipscomb University in Nashville. In the past, I’ve used my degrees in retail fashion and never really considered working as a wardrobe stylist in the entertainment industry. I am always impressed with the hard work that the wardrobe departments put into each production. What an important part of the process they are!


What led to your initial interest in acting?
When I was growing up, it never occurred to me that I could be an actor. I grew up in a small town in Tennessee and it just wasn’t on my radar. As a kid, I was involved on a very small scale in school plays. As I got older, I enjoyed being in sketches at church, but never anything on a professional level. After I had kids, a friend of mine, who was an actor and model, suggested I get some head shots done that she could take to her agent.  I was just naive enough to do it! Well, that agent met with me, signed me and started sending me out on auditions. I had no idea how much I would fall in love with acting!

What was your first acting job?
My very first acting job was a music video for country singer Collin Raye. The song is “One Boy One Girl”. For one of the scenes, they created an entire forest on a sound stage so it could look like we were sitting around a camp fire roasting marshmallows. It was the most fun and awesome experience!


What are some of the films/television shows you’ve been in?
My most recent film is I’m Not Ashamed. It is being released nationwide in theaters Oct 21, 2016. It tells the story of Rachel Joy Scott who was the first person killed at Columbine High School on that terrible day back in 1999. The purpose of the movie is to share Rachel’s life and encourage people to stand strong in their faith. As a fairly typical teen, she struggled with her faith. About one year before Rachel was killed, she truly dedicated her life to God and decided to live her life for Him completely and regardless of the consequences. I play Rachel’s mother, Beth Nimmo. This movie is so powerful! I hope everyone will go see it!!

I’m in a few other movies still to come out this year, Painted Horses, Where The Fast Lane Ends,  and Heaven Bound. I’m not sure exactly when or how they’ll be released, but please be watching for them!

Some other movies that I’m in that are available on DVD, PureFlix and/or Netflix are The Sparrows with Christopher Atkins, Saved By Grace with Joey Lawrence, A Horse For Summer with Dean Cain, Little Savages with Leigh-Allyn Baker, and Summer Snow with David Chisum.

Additionally, I’ve had roles on Nashville and Army Wives.

Terri Minston -a-horse-for-summer-promo-shot-w-dean-cain

What was it like playing Dean Cain’s wife in A Horse for Summer?
Working with Dean Cain on A Horse For Summer was an incredible experience! He is a consummate professional.
The first time I met him, I was sitting in the make up chair getting ready to film our first scene and he came in, said “Hi wifey!!” and gave my a big old hug. We hit it off immediately and had the best time working together.

Tell us about your role in I’m Not Ashamed.
In I’m Not Ashamed, I play the role of Beth Nimmo, Rachel Scott’s mother. It was such an honor to be asked to portray this strong woman. In the twenty something years I have been an actor, this was the first opportunity I’ve had to portray a living person. It was an undertaking I took very seriously. Through the incredible script and story of Rachel’s life, I feel like I got to know and love Rachel and her family.


How did you prepare for your role?
To prepare for the role of Beth Nimmo in I’m Not Ashamed, I was given the tremendous gift of speaking with Beth on the phone and ultimately, meeting her in person. Beth was incredibly generous to share herself with me. She answered every question I had and always offered her support and encouragement. I am grateful for the trust she and her family put in me to be a part of this project.

How did the movie impact you spiritually?
I’m Not Ashamed has strongly impacted my life spiritually. I was not expecting to have such a reaction to Rachel’s story, but I did. The biggest thing spiritually that I take away from being a part of the movie is a deeper conviction of my faith. To decide that I will stand up for God… even if I stand alone. My prayer is that everyone who sees I’m Not Ashamed will leave with their faith strengthened. Or, if they are a non-believer, to see something powerful that urges them to find out more. God will use this for His purposes!


What advice do you have for someone considering a career in film?
If someone is considering a career in film, I say GO FOR IT!!! They may want to seek out an acting class near where they live to get an idea of what the business is really like. Then, they’ll need to get an agent who will help guide their career.

What are your goals for the future?
My goals as an actor aren’t so different as my goals for life. I want to allow God to use me however He sees fit. My heart is really with faith-based and family friendly projects. I would love to continue working as an actor for as long as I can be a light for God in that world.

Anything else?
I am blessed!


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