As Remember the Goal kicks off a new wave of theatrical screenings, I’ve invited members of the cast to share about their experience filming. We begin with actress Margaret Tant.

Margaret Tant

As I write this, I’m reminiscing back through old memories and the times we spent together as a cast/crew family, and being on set, still gives me goose bumps, I miss it so much! Being on the set of Remember The Goal was an incredible experience.

To say it was hard work would be an understatement. It’s not all glamorous, and the acting life is not all its cracked up to be, but it was well worth it. Watching everyone work together and work hard on this project and sharing the gospel at the same time and then, of course, seeing the outcome of it later was really neat.

A normal filming day started anywhere between 6:30-8 am (with lots of water and iced coffee!) and would end usually when the sun went down, which was around 7 pm. In between takes we just messed around. We would eat, go over lines, crack jokes, listen to Sam Hunt, or be getting hair and makeup done (yes, we wore makeup for a cross country movie!)

We filmed about everyday of the week with usually one day off. We started filming in July, and finished the end of September; we had about a two-week break in august where we didn’t film at all.

Working with the cast and crew was definitely the best part of it all. Allee-Sutton Hethcoat, who plays the coach, has a heart of gold! She calls us her little chicks; she really is a motherly figure to us, in the movie, and in real life. Filming was our life for the summer, so we quickly and easily became a family, and even stay in touch with everyone to this day!

The audition process really wasn’t long; Dave contacted all the local talent agencies and a couple cross-country teams looking for actors/runners. My cross-country coach told me I should audition, so I did, honestly not thinking much of it. The process was over email, I would send Dave clips of me acting out the scenes he had sent me earlier, and he’d send me another one to do and so on. Towards the end of it, he narrowed his choices down and wanted us to do running auditions too. I ended up auditioning for all 5 roles over the course of about a month I believe, and ended up with the role of Rebecca Shackleford.

Mary Meyer who played my mom in the movie was fantastic! She truly is a talented actress and we instantly hit it off. We had a few emotional mother/daughter scenes, but our chemistry was great and honestly those were my favorite scenes to film; she made my job easy. I’d love to work with her again.

Dave Christiano was phenomenal to work with. He has such a passion for filmmaking. He knows what he is doing and knows exactly what he wants. His work ethic is nothing short of amazing, and he is incredibly patient. All that to say, I was very fortunate to have him as the director of my first feature film, I can’t speak highly enough of him and would love to work with him again!

The movie offers some great insight on common issues going on today that many teens and parents have to deal with. The movie is relatable which was something that touched me personally; it offers biblical insight and resolution to hard topics that people don’t enjoy discussing or publicizing. This movie is great for the whole family and also targeted toward you runners!



March 10 – Lexington TN. Princess Theater. The movie will show all weekend. Tickets at the box office.

March 17 – Nashville TN. Regal Hollywood 27. The movie will open for at least a one week run, possibly longer. Tickets at the box office.

March 21 – Ft Wayne, IN. Regal Coldwater Crossing Stadium 14. 7pm. Single night showing. For Tickets, go to:

March 23 – The Dalles, OR – Columbia Cinema. 7pm.
Single night showing. For tickets, contact Ken Swager by email:

March 28 – Ft Wayne, IN. Regal Coldwater Crossing Stadium 14. 7pm. Single night showing. For Tickets, go to:

April 27 – Beavercreek, OH. FAIRFIELD COMMONS STADIUM 20. 7:10pm. Single night showing. For tickets, contact Larry Silver at 937-776-7170.


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