This past weekend we had the opportunity to watch Champion at the Christian Worldview Film Festival. I knew from the trailer that the movie would be good, but it was even better than I expected.

Champion is a story of forgiveness set in the world of dirt track racing. A moment of personal rivalry leads to tragedy with one man fighting for his family and another fighting to forgive.

From the beginning, Champion draws you in. It just feels big. It’s also full of twists and turns to keep you waiting to see what happens next. It’s hard to believe this is a first movie for writers Missy Reedy and Sarah Inabnit and producer Steve Hyland. It’s obvious, though, that they did their homework, studied hard, and surrounded themselves with experienced folks. If this is what they do first time around, I can’t wait to see what their future projects look like.

It’s always fun to see familiar faces on the screen, and Champion has plenty of those. Gary Graham, Andrew Cheney, Cameron Arnett, and Robert Amaya are all pros, bringing complexity and depth to their roles. And then Faith Renee Kennedy. Wow! It can’t be easy for a child to hold her own among such acting greats, but she does it. I feel confident you’ll be seeing much more of her on the big screen.

Champion is coming to theaters May 19. Visit the website to find out how you can bring it to your city. You’ll be glad you did!

Champion movie


  1. What an awesome review!! So glad that you liked it and truly appreciate you sharing this. Judd’s vision from the start was to touch people’s hearts and change lives with the message of God’s forgiveness using the platform of film. So excited about seeing God move and praying that God will be honored and glorified.


  2. Sorry about that, Nancy. Faith Renee’s mom also messaged me to let me know what a great job Judd did as director. I’ve added a note at the end of the article to recognize his hard work.


  3. Reblogged this on Faith Flix and commented:

    Well, I really messed up! I was so impressed with Champion and the fact that this was a first film for so many involved. I just assumed that director Judd Brannon was an old pro, and so I didn’t mention him in my review. Well, I was wrong. This is his first time directing. Wow! If you get a chance, you’ve got to check out this movie. Good job everyone!


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