I was thrilled with the unique opportunity to review a “My BeLOVED Life pillow.” After much deliberation, I chose the “WINGS OF EAGLES Plush Cushion Travel Pillow for Kids.”

When it arrived in the mail I eagerly opened the package. My favorite feature is the shoulder strap, with a comfortable adjustable padded area, in addition to a built in cellphone pocket. The strap uses plastic/metal wire carabineers that clip onto soft plush loops on the pillow itself. When the strap is not attached these loops flow seamlessly with the pillow and appear virtually invisible. The plush case detaches from an inner pillow for easy cleanup via a tiny zipper on the bottom.

The timing worked out perfectly so that I was able to receive the pillow right before heading off to kids camp at Falls Creek in Davis, Oklahoma. I hate lugging around a bulky pillow and pillowcase on a bus and while carrying luggage. When gathering my things for the trip, I clipped one of the carabineers on one of my suitcases so that the pillow could be carried together with the suitcase. I’m generally carrying too many bags to make use of the shoulder strap.

The applique of the eagle is beautiful. I don’t normally gravitate towards camo, but I found this design to be the most mature option, without sacrificing the plush feel. I am thoroughly pleased with my decision.

I used the pillow for three nights while at camp. My only issue would be that the pillow’s height is a little too tall for comfort. The second morning I woke up with a crick in my neck, but it may have been unrelated. My ride on the bus was only 30 minutes, so I didn’t have a reason to break it out for a bus nap, which has always been an uncomfortable experience. The next time I am traveling for an extended period of time, I will be sure to bring this along for napping. However, my next extended trip will be by plane to London and, although it might make the flight more comfortable, this pillow is simply not practical for a flying, where everything fitting into suitcases is essential.

I like the concept that these pillows are made to be a blessing for those who use it. However, expecting your, or your child’s life, to be changed because of a pillow with an embroidered Bible verse is a stretch. The verse flows so seamlessly into the design that it easily goes unnoticed. I can imagine that it would be helpful to have a particular verse that gives a particular child hope for what they’re struggling with. But to the average person it will end up being just another pillow, just with added features.

If you’d like to enter to win your own BeLoved Life pillow, enter here:  Giveaway

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