www.summerof67.com vintage shift dress

One Beige Dress + Awesome Accessories = Endless Possibilities

When shopping for new dresses, it’s natural to be drawn to bright colors or bold prints. The problem is that dresses that dramatically call attention to themselves can be limiting. You can only wear them so many times before they start to look old.

On the other hand, a basic dress in a neutral color can be worn over and over without calling attention to itself. While filming Summer of ’67, we appreciated basic dresses as we could have multiple actresses wearing them throughout the movie. This particular beige shift dress was worn by three actresses for three completely different occasions.

1960's vintage dress with playful accessories
The crochet cap and bold print scarf give the dress a playful look.
1960's vintage shift dress with orange hat
The pop of orange color provides a sophisticated look to the neutral tone dress.
1960's shift dress with velvet scarf
The rich velvet scarf adds a luxurious touch.
1960's vintage shift dress with print scarf
Scarves make great headbands.
1960's vintage dress with floppy hat
Pair the dress with a floppy hat and a fluffy scarf for a soft, romantic look.
1960's beige dress with hat and pearls
The dramatic hat and classic pearls provide a sleek monochromatic look.
Actress Kimberly Richardson on set of Summer of '67 movie.
Actress Kimberly Richardson behind scenes on set of Summer of ’67 movie.

www.summerof67.com vintage shift dress

Which ensemble is your favorite?

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