Pretty in Pink

I’ve never been a fan of pink until Summer of ’67. But as I acquired vintage dresses and created new ones, I found myself drawn to shades of pink. Then when I saw them on the actresses, I realized how beautiful pink can be. Here are three of my original dresses worn in the movie.

Vintage pink shift dress 1960's worn by actresses Rachel Schrey and Bethany Davenport in Summer of '67 movie

This turned out to the most versatile dress in the movie. It’s worn early in the movie by Milly (Rachel Schrey) when she goes on a date, then later by Kate (Bethany Davenport) at the baby shower. With different hats, gloves, and jewelry, we created two distinctive looks. As you can see below, we could have created even more looks.


Vintage pink dress worn by actress Sharonne Lanier in Summer of '67 movie

Actress Sharonne Lanier wears this dress on her date with Reggie (Jerrold Edwards)

Pink maternity dress worn by actress Rachel Schrey in Summer of '67 movie

One of the many maternity dresses worn by actress Rachel Schrey

Which dress is your favorite?

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