As a member of a husband-wife creative duo, I always love seeing other couples serving together. Scott and Ginger Tabot have found a  creative way to combine their talents. Live SoulFull is a music-driven Bible study with Scott providing the study material and Ginger providing music that enriches the teaching. Together they’ve created a multisensory experience.

Live SoulFull is about growing closer to God and tuning your soul to the fullness of God. The book is designed to be interactive with lots of questions and space to write your responses. While I’m personally not a fan of fill-in-the-blank studies, I know that I’m in the minority. So if you enjoy that, you’ll love this book. The concept is good, and the chapters are broken down by questions that people often have about God. The study covers God’s will, prayer, Bible reading, and suffering.

I started reading the book, and it was good. But then I popped in the CD, and I LOVE the music! It’s upbeat and fun. It brought back memories of music from my past. It’s feel-good music that will quickly have you singing along.  Check out this music video and hear for yourself.

Live SoulFull would make a great Christmas gift for a new believer or someone struggling with their faith. It’s available for sale at Amazon or at the Live SoulFull website.

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