Many of you are familiar with I Am Second. You’ve seen their artistic billboards and videos of famous people sitting on a white chair in a dark room and sharing their story.  Now I Am Second has teamed up with the TAKL app to create a unique ministry that provides household assistance to those in need. To learn more about the program, I’m excited to talk with the Second Helping Program Manager Melanie Tomczak.

What inspired you to get involved?

I was inspired to get involved with Second Helping because it’s literally never been done before: bringing FREE, on-demand help and assistance to people in need. I love the concept of being able to physically help people, across the country. Personally, I’ve served people in my local community for years…but now, through Second Helping, I can be a part of helping people across state lines, in new cities! It’s not just about ME, it’s about a team effort… It’s people, helping people, and a little bit of practical help goes a LONG way. It’s amazing to see lives being changed through the kindness of strangers. I was inspired to get involved, because I knew it had the potential to change lives!

Tell us about the mission of Second Helping.

Our mission is to bring practical household help to people in need. Second Helping awards FREE Takl jobs, to people in need! Specifically: Veterans-Single Parents-Seniors-or those going through financial difficulty. Second Helping is giving HELP; giving HOPE.

How is Second Helping related to I Am Second?

I Am Second believes in the power of a story well told. The stories of real people and real lives, beautifully broken, human stories. Each tell of a different journey and a different struggle. But all tell the story of hope.

People began asking the question, “BEYOND I Am Second telling stories that inspire hope, how can we take ACTION and physically give hope to people in need?” I Am Second wanted to do something MORE! We wanted to figure out a way to bring physical hope/help right to people’s doorsteps! We teamed up with the Takl app and started “Second Helping”. Through the Takl app we are able to help people with small jobs and chores around the house for FREE!

Who benefits from Second Helping?

– Veterans
– Single parents
– Seniors
– Those going through financial difficulty

Can you share a favorite Second Helping story?

Sarah is a single mom with five kids. They live in Phoenix. All the kids had come down with the flu and then she woke up one morning with that terrible feeling of, “Oh no! I feel sick too…” As a single parent you don’t get “sick days” when you can “call out” sick and just rest. She started to feel overwhelmed with all that needed to be done around the house for her family. She prayed that morning and asked God for help. Then a friend called and told her about Second Helping. She applied at and we were able to award her a Takl app chore of having someone come out and completely clean and disinfect her three bedroom home.

She messaged us later and said, “I would have never thought that my simple prayer that I didn’t even really think twice about would be answered within hours and then completed by the next day. It truly blows my mind. My gratitude is through the roof. What a beautiful way to start out the holidays…This one thing has given me so much hope. I’m literally laughing out loud at how good God is!”

How can people get involved if they want to help?

1. Donate! Go to and donate. By doing this, you are able to “sponsor” a Takl app job for someone in need!
When you do this, as a result, you are helping:
Clean the house for a single dad
Fold laundry for a single mom
Blow the leaves off the yard of a veteran
Decorate an elderly person’s house for Christmas!

2. Refer a friend! You may know someone who’s in need! Perhaps it’s a single mom, a senior or a veteran that you can refer to Second Helping! If they matter to you, they matter to us! We would love to serve them, and award the a free Takl app chore!

Anything else?

Feel free to download the free Takl app so you can SEE what kind of household help we are able to award those that qualify! Anyone can use the Takl app, but through Second Helping we are able to award FREE jobs around the house to those in need! Here’s how it works!

Those in need apply at
If approved, they are given a “code” to use in the Takl app.
That “code” acts like a “voucher” and pays for the job, for the person in need!
The person in need, orders the job they need done in the Takl app for the day of their choice!


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