Nothing inspires me more than young entrepreneurs. Running a business is difficult at any age, but when teens  see a void and take initiative to fill that need, well, that’s something to celebrate. Savannah Johnson is one of those teens. She is a high school junior, golfer, singer, painter, artist and  she runs her own clothing line. 

Photo by Lady Bach Photography
Tell us about your company.

My clothing line is full of designs that a person could wear on a daily basis, things that people would actually wear as opposed to more couture designs (though I have dabbled into that some). More importantly, my designs are all modest, making sure they aren’t too revealing or too short. Most of the fabric I use is usually filled with vibrant colors and bubbly prints. My designs range from skirts, flowy tops, vests, dresses, and other ideas in between. Most of my designs are inexpensive compared to other modest designs on the market.

What led you to create your own clothing line?

I attended a church who had different standards than that of my own. It was a priority to dress modestly, and it completely flipped my thinking. I realized that you should dress modestly, and according to the Bible as God would want you to do. So, I looked for new modest clothing, and could only find expensive options. I then decided to make my own skirt, and I wore it to church that evening. A friend told me that they really liked it, so I started there.

What types of clothes are included in your line?

There is a wide variety. I make modest knee-length skirts, flowy tops, long and short vests, tank tops that tie in a bow on the shoulder, modest dresses, and some other things in between.

How hard is it to create modest but fashionable styles for teens?

It is very hard, because you are constantly fighting the urge to fit in. Also, when creating things teens would like, it’s hard to make things long, because in society it is acceptable to wear very short and revealing clothes. When I make longer options, I know that teens probably won’t buy them.

Tell us about Knoxville Fashion Week.

Knoxville Fashion Week takes place in the spring, where I debut my spring and even bubblier designs. It’s an amazing opportunity because I get the chance to minister to not only all of my models, but also everyone who watches them walk the runway. I get to show people that you can look cute, even when modest. Lastly, I get to pick the music I use. I try to make sure the music is uplifting, and if I get the chance to bring specific music, I bring Christian music, so I can reach out even farther to people.

Is this something you plan to do for a career after high school/college or just a fun side business?

I do plan to continue this passion, but at this moment I don’t know where it will take me. I’m just listening and waiting right now. It would be amazing if I could pursue this for the rest of my life as a career, but at this moment I do not know.

What’s the greatest challenge as a teenager running your own business?

School is probably the biggest challenge. It’s difficult to have time for sewing when I’m constantly working on homework. Also, another challenge would be golf. I’ve played since I was in the fourth grade, and when I’m not working on homework, I usually go up to the golf course. Lastly is maintaining a social life, because I constantly want to go do things with my friends and boyfriend, but cannot due to the fact that I have to run my business.

What’s been the response to your fashions?

For the most part the response has been great. I’ve had so many people support me in what I’m doing. I have people rooting for me.

Do you have any role models who inspire you?

Yes, my number one role model is Jesus. I strive to be more like him each day. Another role model is my mom. She shows me just how important things are.

Other role models in their designs would be Kate Spade, Draper James, Betsey Johnson, and so many more.

What are your plans for the future?

My number one priority is to finish high school, and go on to get a four-year degree in college. After that, I hope to pursue my designing, but as I have said, I’m just waiting to see what happens right now.

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