Brittany Herd loves all things electronics, so the Prone to Wander phone cases was right up her alley to do this guest review.

For this review I will be referring to the Trust In The Lord case for Samsung Galaxy S8 specifically. These Prone to Wonder phone cases feature a clear flexible base, with a beautiful inspiring design. With this particular type of case, the designs feature transparency, enabling your phone to be seen through the empty spaces.

The cases are extremely flexible, which makes them easy to put on and take off of your phone. Simply pop into place, without a lot of pushing and shoving to get it in. And they don’t feel as if they might break in the process.

The floral and word designs feel high quality, and not as though they would eventually peel. I even attempted to scratch the design with my finger nail, as I wasn’t sure, and it would not budge. The buttons and holes perfectly line up with my phone, which is something not every manufacturer can achieve.

This case has a very low profile. In your hand it hardly feels as though there is case there at all. This is great for those who enjoy a light, feminine, “naked”, feel to their phones and don’t like big bulky cases. There is only a very tiny bit of the case that can be seen and felt from the screen side. While this makes it feel great to the hand, it offers little to no drop/stock protection. This is typical of all cases that are not marketed as protective, but as far as novelty (as opposed to utilitarian) cases go, this is the best I’ve seen. And certainly beautiful.

All of the designs are amazing and are sure to please as a gift as well. And of course all of the words on these cases are great reminders that we all need as often as we pick up our phones. I would highly recommend the Prone To Wonder phone cases for yourself, or as a gift.

Faith Flix was given a complimentary phone case set to provide an honest review. Opinions expressed are our own.

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