In February 2015 we had the opportunity to watch an early screener of War Room  with Alex and Stephen Kendrick. From the moment Karen Abercrombie entered the screen as Mrs. Clara, I was a fan. She was so feisty and fun and she expressed her faith in such an authentic way. Since then, I’ve followed Karen’s career and was excited to discover that she’s now working on her own movie called Just Grace

You became a household name after playing Mrs. Clara in War Room, but your acting roots go back much further. Tell us about some of your earlier roles.

I have guest starred on several television shows such as Aly McBeal, Days of Our Lives, Strong Medicine, TURN, Saved by The Bell to name a few.

What a fun mix! Tell us about the road that led to you being cast in War Room.

It was really an answer to prayer. I had gone to a Women of Faith Conference thirteen years prior and they had an amazing actress, Nicole Johnson, who would do skits and monologues between the different women speaking. I told God then and there, “Please use me the way you are using her. I want to glorify you with the gifts you have given me. So wherever I was, New York or LA, I’d give 150%. Using my gifts in a God honoring way.

My family decided to move from LA to the Southeast, and we moved to Mooreville, NC. We were house hunting and the last realtor that we used (at this point we had gone through several) invited us to her church. We walked in, felt the spirit of God directing us to stay there, and after year eight, Gary Wheeler a member of the church told me that the Kendrick Brothers were making a movie and that I should audition. There is a lot more to the story, but for the sake of time I will leave it here. But I will say that I have come to know that my playing Miss Clara was a divine appointment!

Since War Room, you’ve been very busy. What are some of the other faith-based films you’ve been a part of?

I have starred in God’s Compass and had lead roles in Extraordinary, Selfie Dad, Extraordinary and Never Heard.

Now you’re branching out with your own movie. What was the inspiration for Just Grace?

Just Grace is a powerful story about forgiveness, healing and grace. I have seen so many people hurt in church and they get angry at God. There are a lot of hurting people in church who are suffering in silence because they are ashamed of what they are going through and feel that they will be ridiculed if they open up their lives, or they feel that no one really cares. They feel invisible if they are not wealthy, heavy tithers. This should not be the case. At all!. Ever!

Oh wow! I can think of quite a few people who can relate to that. What excites you the most about the movie?

Just thinking about things along those lines started my engines and the story began there. Grace’s journey from anger and unforgiveness to forgiveness and healing AND a miracle!

Tell us about the cast.

I will be playing the role of Grace. Michael Higgenbottom played in The Grace Card and he is really and extraordinary actor. He really brings the character that he will be playing, to life on every level. Elizabeth Becka is an amazing actress that we don’t get to see enough of. She has a wonderful role in this film and the world will get to see her gifts poured out in a wonderful and beautiful way. Lillie Ann Oden, Sharonne Laniere, both super talented! I am grateful to be able to have them on board. And then there are the teens in the film! I know without a doubt that their careers will skyrocket after they are seen in this film. To think that God would send them my way for this project is humbling and leaves me overwhelmed with gratitude and even more in awe of how our Heavenly Father will provide for us all in extravagant ways. Cameron Arnett will also be playing a role in the project. We have worked together before.

I know exactly how you feel. We always pray over each role and are always amazed and blessed by the way God brings together just the right combination of actors.

Amen! Absolutely!

Is casting complete or do you have more roles to fill? What about crew?

We still have a few roles to cast and the crew is coming along nicely.

When and where will you be filming?

We will be filming the project in North Carolina. Very close to where I live. My community is stepping up to support in such wonderful ways. It does take a village, and my community is uniting to birth this project and bring it into completion. I am beyond grateful by what I am seeing and experiencing!

How can people learn more about Just Grace?

People can follow the progress on my Facebook pages.

Oh fun! Well, is there anything else you’d like to add that I didn’t ask about?

I also decided to produce this piece myself because after being a part of War Room. I better understood the power of positive entertainment. And in order for me to tell stories that I needed to tell, stories that God was moving me to tell, I had to step up and trust Him like never before and follow His lead. He is opening doors, removing mountains and bringing everything and everyone that I need. I am bolder than ever before!

I’ve found that filmmaking definitely draws you near to God, trusting Him to take care of details and watching as He opens doors you never thought possible. Well, I look forward to following along on the process of this film. I’m excited to see what God has in store for it!

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  1. Hello Karen
    This is Lydia from Uganda
    Praise God. I have only two of your movies, that’s war room and God’s compass. Then watched you on UBC Uganda. Am really inpired by you dear. Wish to know more about your organization please. And what I need do to be a volunteer. Be blessed.
    Thank you.


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