I’m excited to share this wonderful review of Summer of ’67 written by Vietnam Veteran and filmmaker M.T. Arnold. This review originally appeared in Point North Tiding’s May Alert. 

I’m a Vietnam War Veteran, and a child of the sixties, so I’m honored to have watched the screener for this incredible and beautiful piece of art – one where the filmmakers (Sharon and Fred Wilharm) have managed to create a ‘period piece’ to near perfection.

In using the Vietnam War as a backdrop, the film manages to effectively encapsulate America’s social and moral unrest during the 60’s. In ‘staying-on-plot’ – from beginning to end – the story follows the lives of two young women, and the corollaries of love and war on their lives – as well as on the lives of all those around them.

With breath-taking photography, and all the bright ‘flowery’ (if not audacious) colors of the era, the film distinctly allows the viewer to be visually transported back to the 60’s. I found myself totally wrapped-up in the ‘Hippie Van’ as well as into the songs and music selection (great score). However, it’s the wonderful acting, directing, and editing that makes this film flow as smooth as a summer night’s stream.

For me, the summer of ’67, as the name implies, was a summer of unrest and exploration – a time of first love, sacrifice, and holding on to hope while uncovering faith when walking through the minefields of life during the 60’s – and real minefields in Southeast Asia. Personally, this movie had a buoyant, but powerful impact on me in recapturing and unearthing those memories that had been smothered and suppressed over time. It takes great storytelling to do that, but this film does just that – it’s that good.

I truly hope the film’s message of Love, Faith and Honor will touch and resonate with everyone. Inspired by a true story, this is a ‘Must See’ film. I personally loved everything about it – Great writing, acting, directing, photography, and editing – and I might add; the casting and production design was nothing short of pinpoint-amazing. BRAVO ZULU!

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