Sharon Wilharm – Speaker

Thank you for your interest in having me speak at your event. I’m available to speak at film festivals, writers conferences, church, community, and women’s events throughout the southeast and midwest United States. In addition, if you’re looking for something a little different, check out our Women’s Night Out movie events. Below you can see a list of possible topics, but I’m more than willing to tailor a presentation specifically for your event. I’ll also work with your budget and do everything I can to make it happen for you.

I’m currently booking events for 2019 and would love to be a part of your upcoming event. Drop me a line at or message me via my CONTACT FORM.

Women’s Night Out Movie Events

Women’s Night Out Movie Events combine one of Sharon’s movies with a talk tailored specifically for your group.

Actor Cameron Gilliam, Actress Rachel Schrey, and actress Mimi Sagadin in Summer of '67

Summer of ’67 – Inspired by real-life events, Summer of ’67  brings to life the turbulent times of the sixties and the struggles faced by the men and women impacted by the Vietnam War. Three women face the question of whether
or not their man will return, and, if he does, will life as they know it ever be the same?

Actress Stacey Bradshaw and Actor Josh Allen in ProvidenceProvidence – Love needs no words in this silent love story about a couple who meet as children, but it takes forty years for their friendship to blossom into a romance. Talks can focus on waiting for God’s timing, finding God’s love in the midst of tragedy, or the power of persistent prayers.

The Good Book – A Bible is passed along to strangers impacting the lives of seven of those individuals. Talks can focus on evangelism, trusting God through trials, or seeing others through God’s eyes.

Flowers for Fannie – A young woman befriends a lonely, bitter old woman and forms an unlikely friendship. Talks can focus on loving the unlovely, trusting God, or embracing intergenerational friendships.

Speaking Topics for Writer’s Conferences

Screenwriting 101– An introduction to the art and technique of writing for film.

Turning Your Book Into a Screenplay – You’ve got this great book, but now how do you translate it to show well on the big screen? Learn the differences between storytelling for books and storytelling for film. Discover the fun of showing a story and see how that can help in the telling of a story.

Visual Storytelling – How to apply film techniques to your book and take it to a new level.

Speaking Topics for Film Events

Visual Storytelling – After writing and directing two silent feature films, Sharon learned how to tell a story without using a line of dialogue and applies that knowledge to a traditional movie. Once you master visual storytelling, your scrips will take on a whole new level.

How to Give Your Microbudget Movie a Million Dollar Look – Sharon teaches how to use casting, costumes, composition, and creativity to give your low budget movie a Hollywood look.

Marketing for Movies
Branding From the Beginning – how you set the tone from the first casting notice;
When Talent Isn’t Enough – how to get the cast involved in promoting the movie;
Ready, Set, Share – how to build awareness through the filming process;
Keeping the Excitement – how to market during the dry phase of post-production;
We’ve Got a Date – how to build momentum leading up to release date;
Keep it Going – how to keep marketing when you’ve long lost enthusiasm

Speaking Topics for Women’s Events

First Fruits – How often do we give God our leftovers and wonder why He’s not blessing us? Sharon challenges women to stop settling for mediocrity and instead commit to giving God nothing less than first fruits.

Adam’s Rib and a Pillar of Salt – A fun and entertaining look at the roles of women in the Bible and how we can find our own place in the modern world.

It Only Takes a Spark – Throughout history, women have made amazing contributions. Receive inspiration and encouragement as we talk about humble women who have gone on to achieve greatness.

(Note: The above sessions can be combined for a What About the Women? weekend retreat.)

Lottie Moon – An in-depth look at the woman behind the offering. Discover why this 4’3″ turn of the century woman is still relevant to today’s church.

Author: Sharon Wilharm

Sharon Wilharm is a female filmmaker, blogger, and speaker with over a decade of industry experience. She and her husband, Fred, just released SUMMER OF '67, their seventh feature film. Their movies have screened in theaters, festivals, and churches around the globe as well as multiple television networks. They've accumulated dozens of festival accolades including many Best of Fest awards and 4 ICVM Crown Awards. Sharon is passionate about visual storytelling, branding, and marketing and would love to speak at your upcoming event.

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