I love writing conferences! I especially enjoy networking and meeting fellow attendees. I met Ami McConnell when we were both on the faculty at the Writing For Your Life conference last year. She’s former Editor-in-Chief and Vice President of Howard Books/Simon & Schuster, has edited many best-selling authors including Ted Dekker, Karen Kingsbury, Max Lucado, and Frank Peretti, and co-wrote with Candace Cameron Bure the USA Today bestseller Kind Is the New Classy.  Now she’s adding conference director to her resume. 

Tell us about WriterFest Nashville.

WriterFest Nashville is a two-day conference where creative writers will connect with bestselling authors, publishing professionals, film producers and screenwriters, poets, and songwriters.

What inspired you to launch this festival?
I’ve attended dozens and dozens of writers conferences and book festivals in my publishing career—as a speaker, author, and registrant. I truly love them—some more than others. I had this dream of hosting one where creative folks would be connected, empowered, and inspired—and fear and selfishness would not be on the menu. That was the genesis.

What can writers expect at the event?
Expect to be connected, inspired, and empowered. I believe we will do that and more.

Who can attend WriterFest Nashville? Is this for published writers or aspiring writers or both?
We have sessions to pour fuel on the flame for those already making a living at it and for those who are still dreaming about writing their novel, life story, or screenplay. It’s for novelists, songwriters, screenwriters–anyone who loves to write. We have 30 sessions to choose from! There’s even a soup-to-nuts series to learn the book-making process from pros–from just an idea to a book in readers hands.

Who will be speaking?
We have over 40 world-class speakers—New York Times bestselling authors, hit-song writers, successful screenplay writers, publishing executives, literary agents. Since space is short, I’ll just mention our keynote speakers:
Grammy multiple #1 hit writer Tom Douglas & Friends in the Round
Allan Heinberg, Wonder Woman, Grey’s Anatomy, Sex and the City, etc.
Liane Moriarty, international bestselling novelist, The Husband’s Secret and Big Little Lies

When/where will WriterFest Nashville happen?
November 8 and 9 at Lipscomb University.

Is this the first year? Will this be an annual event?
Our partners Parnassus and Lipscomb want to make this an annual thing. And so do I!

What are you most excited about?
I’m most excited about the art that’s going to be created—books published, movies made, and songs recorded. Connections are everything in the creative business and WriterFest Nashville is sure to generate lots of amazing projects!

Social Corner:

WriterFest Nashville Website

WriterFest Nashville on Facebook

WriterFest Nashville on Instagram

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