From the moment I picked up We Hope for Better Things and started reading it, I knew it was something special. I was hooked from the very first page, and the more I read, the harder it was to put it down.

We Hope for Better Things is the story of three women from different time periods, each dealing with racial injustice and forbidden love. Elizabeth is an expose journalist who loses her job when she’s betrayed by the newspaper she works for. Nora is a wealthy young woman of the sixties who falls in love with the wrong man.  Mary is a Civil War era abolitionist running a farm with a house full of runaway slaves.  Each woman follows a similar path and has to deal with the consequences.

This was my first time hop book, so I really didn’t know what to expect, but I loved the way the three stories were intertwined and the way each of the stories provided additional clues to the other stories. So much history was packed into 377 pages. So much fodder for thought. I love the way the book delves into each character and the time period they live in, providing perspectives you probably haven’t considered before. This is not a simplistic story but rather one that will challenge you.

I can’t believe this is a debut novel for Erin Bartels. She is a master of the English language and the art of storytelling. She’s got another book releasing in September 2019, and I look forward to reading it as well.

One final note. I don’t generally give book titles or covers that much thought. But the cover of this book is so beautiful and apropos and the title so perfectly expresses the theme of the book.

We Hope for Better Things releases in January.

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Disclaimer: I received an advance copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed are my own. 


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