I met Meghan Weyerbacher last year when we did a Summer of ’67 Message, Meal, and a Movie event at her church. I knew she was a blogger who blogged about writing, but at the time, she wasn’t an author. She was just a super sweet woman encouraging other writers to succeed.

A few months later, she had a book release. What? Where’d that come from? We were busy traveling, so I kept up with the release on social media and saw all the raving reviews but didn’t give it too much thought. Next thing I know, she’s writing a new book then getting ready to release it. Two books, in one year? I was impressed and wanted to see it for myself.

I purchased a Kindle copy and settled down Saturday evening to squeeze in a little reading before bed. I mostly read historical fiction, so I figured I’d just kind of skim through Wild Hope, a clean romance. Next thing I know, it’s way later than I intended to stay up, and I’m only halfway through. I went to bed, went to church the next morning, came home, and picked up the book again. I didn’t put it down until I’d finished it.

Wild Hope is a romance, but it’s more. It’s characters dealing with life’s difficult trials and learning to find hope in the midst of the sorrow. It’s individuals struggling to make sense of the twists and turns that life throws our ways. It’s family and friends being there for each other, showing each other that they don’t have to struggle alone.

As a side note, Corrie Wyler, the heroine, is an actress making her living in indie films. The story takes place when Corrie takes a break to take care of family issues, but Meghan did an excellent job of accurately capturing the segments related to her acting career.

If you like contemporary Christian romance, you’re going to love Wild Hope, but even if you don’t normally read the genre, you may still want to check it out. It’s a good read that will keep you hooked through the end.

Social Corner:

Meghan on Twitter
Wild Hope on Amazon


  1. I really appreciate your thoughtful words, Sharon!
    I am so honored you purchased and reviewed Wild Hope and found it to be worthy of your time!

    Liked by 1 person

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