Last month we got together with a group of friends and watched Priceless. After the movie ended, we sat in silence for awhile trying to comprehend it all. What followed was a discussion of sex trafficking and what could be done to stop it. Since then, we’ve been sharing articles and resources on the subject.

The Least of These Book ReviewEach day I receive press releases from publishers, publicists, authors, and filmmakers letting me know about their books and movies. I often skim through them, unable to respond to them all. But one caught my eye. The Least of These; One Man’s Remarkable Journey in the Fight Against Child Trafficking. It’s not a book that would usually be in my wheelhouse, but after our movie night and discussion, I felt I should at least check this one out.

I didn’t have high hopes. I’m not a big fan of issues books, but when I got it in the mail, the cover intrigued me. It’s a beautifully illustrated cover of legs and feet. Not your usual cover.

Dr. Jeff BrodskyI started reading and was immediately drawn in. I didn’t know what to think about the opening scene that takes place in a red light brothel in India. It was shocking and intense. But author Jeff Brodsky doesn’t keep us there. He backtracks and explains his childhood and what led him to being at the brothel. He shares about being a clown and making people laugh. It’s easy-going and light hearted. Then he takes us back to his fight to rescue children caught in sex trafficking.

At first he focuses on his international efforts. He takes us to the Philippines and India, to unspeakable settings, and explains the expense and trouble it takes to rescue just one young girl. It’s disturbing, but not nearly as disturbing as what comes next, explaining the sex trafficking grooming process that takes place in the US, in schools and church youth groups. It hit way too close to home for my comfort level. I immediately began wondering when and where it’s going on and I’m not even aware.

Dr. Brodsky closes the book by talking about what we can do to make a difference. One of these is to host a Barefoot Mile to raise money for rescues.

It’s so easy for us to close our eyes and pretend like sex trafficking isn’t really a problem, that it doesn’t affect us, that there’s nothing we can do. Unfortunately, pretending like it doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away.

If you’d like to help make a difference, I’d encourage you to get a copy of The Least of These and consider sponsoring a Barefoot Mile.

Social Corner:

Joy International Website

Buy The Least of These

Host a Barefoot Mile

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Hi Sharon, and thanks for sharing this unnerving experience in your latest blog. I have to confess that a friend sent me his script about human trafficking, and I just couldn’t read it–it was just too dark and heartbreaking. Like you, I shy away from works about such graphic social issues. But Joy International sounds like a wonderful organization, working in the fight to free young people from their plight.

    I have to thank you again for your interview last year. A couple of young Christian writers contacted me after reading the interview, and I read and covered their screenplays for them. Hope it helped them!

    Sharon, my wife Vicky and I are in the early stages of developing my faith screenplay, *Neighbors and Strangers, *for production in the next year or so. We will shoot it either in LA or Texas, our home state, and we’ve attached a great actor and highly experienced producer for the project. We would really appreciate some wisdom from your experience about the process

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    1. I’m so glad the article helped connect you with screenwriters. Here lately, I’ve been getting a lot of new people coming to the blog and discovering old interviews, so who knows…

      I’m actually in the process of writing a book that is exactly what you’re talking about. I start with the initial idea then go through screenwriting, budgeting, preproduction, production, post production, and distribution and marketing. It’s all those things we wished someone would have told us, but we had to learn the hard way. I’m really excited about it and am trying to get it available just as quickly as possible.


  2. We at CVE, would like to have the privilege of showing this video, on our network. Please contact Marvin Cratch at (609) 216-6976 to express your concerns. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you in advance

    Marvin Cratch


    On Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 5:20 PM Sharon Wilharm | Christian Filmmaker | Blogger | Speaker wrote:

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