Eat Live Thrive DietWhen I got the invitation to be a part of the launch team for Eat Live Thrive Diet: A Lifestyle Plan to Rev Up Your Midlife Metabolism, I got excited. Yes, please! The bold print on the back cover enticed me, “Turn Back the Scale and The Clock With This Inspiring Lifestyle Plan.” What more could I ask for?

I couldn’t wait to get my copy to see if I could truly turn back the scale and the clock. Now, after a month with the book, I’m afraid the scale and clock are still the same, but, it’s through no fault of the book. If I’d actually followed the advice and finished the book, things could have been different.

Eat Live Thrive Diet opens with an introduction to authors Danna Demetre and Robyn Thomson sharing their backgrounds and their struggles with diet and health. They’re basically saying, “We did this. It was hard, but if we could do this, so can you.”

Danna Demetre and Robyn ThomsonI really like the writing style of this book. It reads like a letter from a friend rather than feeling like a textbook or book of rules. Danna and Robyn mix personal stories, information they learned from their health research, and their advice to apply what they learned. The chapter on self-talk was particularly thought-provoking. I breezed through the first six chapters getting more and more excited. It all sounded so good. I could do this.

Then I reached page 60 and saw the elimination phase – level one, level two, and level three – with level one being minimally restrictive. For that level, all I had to do was eliminate all grains and sugar for two weeks. (I won’t even tell you all the things you had to eliminate for the other levels.) I can see where that might work just fine for a lot of people, but I’m married to a man who likes few vegetables and expects bread at every meal. We also eat out a lot. For three days we followed the diet. But I found that very few of my recipes were grain and sugar-free, and for the life of me, I couldn’t seem to find any menus at our local food haunts that followed the diet. Also, at the end of the three days, i’d not seen any significant weight loss. I gave up on day four and quit reading the book.

Eat Live Thrive DietIt occurred to me that I should probably finish the book just to see what they had to say, and now I wish I’d done that sooner. They weren’t saying you had to eliminate grains and sugars for the rest of your life (although you’ll likely feel and look a lot better if you do). In the Lifestyle section they explain how to get into a healthy lifestyle rather than a continuous diet. They also cover other aspects of healthy living besides just diet.

I’m thinking I may try this again. Now that I have a better understanding of where the plan is headed, maybe I can develop the commitment to stick with it for long-term results. I sure would like that. I feel confident if I do follow the advice in the book, I will look and feel better. I just have to keep reminding myself that each time I want to grab a handful of tortilla chips or a sourdough roll.

If you’re in your midlife years looking for a way to turn back the scales and clock, check out the Eat Live Thrive Diet book and let me know how it goes. Eat Live Thrive Diet releases March 26 and is available for preorder before then.

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Disclosure: I received an advanced reader copy of the book. Opinions expressed are obviously my own.

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