I met Michael Warren years ago when he was a part of our cast for The Good Book. He brought his grandfather along so he wouldn’t have to travel alone, and as we were all sitting around after supper one night, we learned that his grandfather had been a Bible smuggler. So, being filmmakers, we got out the camera and filmed his story. You can hear it at the end of The Good Book during the closing credits.

It’s been such a joy to follow Michael on his film journey. I was especially excited when I learned he was working on Jenn Gotzon’s movie The Farmer and The Belle as I love when our cast members team up together on other projects.

When did you first develop an interest in the film industry?
My grandfather helped me and my brother in 2010 get involved as PA’s in a film called Shark Night, and I loved everything about film. I was new but kept learning. Next film as A PA was 21 Jump St, which was the biggest challenge. So many sets to decorate, and I had the honor to meet and talk with Jonah Hill. Then The Lord blessed me with the opportunity to work on the cast of The Good Book.

What is your favorite thing to do on set?
Work As PA, line producer, or actor. I always enjoy being a part of the production side. I love seeing the journey of the whole movie being filmed.

Michael Warren and John SchneiderTell us about your work with John Schneider.
I started working with John Schneider in February. I live at the studio during the week I’m working. I worked preparing the Bos Extravaganza and worked on Christmas Cars with John. My stepdad Fred helped both and worked for both Bos and Christmas Cars.

What all do you do at the studio?
Besides wrangling chickens? Building things. We film movies, lol. We recently wrapped a movie Christmas Cars based on John’s true life story. My stepdad worked on the film.

Wrangling chickens? Tell me more.
I caught eighteen chickens for the movie Christmas Cars. They are a part of the studio, so I take care of them.

Michael Warren with slateWhat is your stepdad’s role at the studio?
He helped me with Bos Extravaganza and worked in the art department on John’s movie. We set up the scenes, putting up decorations, taking them down.

Tell us about your experience on The Farmer and The Belle.
It was an awesome experience! I loved seeing George Escobar and Paul Munger. We worked about 14 days. My stepdad worked in the art department setting up Christmas decorations, helping with setting up scenes. I helped him many times setting up Santa Land. Fred and I and the lead man Jim Fontenant put up snow decorations. I helped with the extras. It was awesome helping Jenn and Jim on this movie and to be a part of their amazing true life story.

What are you looking forward to working on next?
I look forward to working on a daily routine at John Schneider studios and any special events throughout the year.

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