In March I joined Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA). I wasn’t initially sure how much I would get out of the group but have been so pleasantly surprised by all the connections I’ve made already. I’m loving learning about the other members’ books and projects. One of those is Heart Wisdom, the latest in Kathy Collard Miller’s Daughters of the King Bible Study series.

Heart Wisdom is a ten lesson study of Proverbs, but rather than covering Proverbs by chapters or in chronological order, Kathy Collard Miller approaches it by topics. She covers the obvious subjects of money, marriage, and relationships, but also includes lesser covered angles like correction, anger, and humility. She goes through the book of Proverbs, pulling out all the authors had to say on each subject then connecting it to our lives today.

If you’re wanting to read lots of stories and content, this is probably not the study for you. This is a study for those who love pondering over verses and applying it to their lives. Each chapter includes ten to twenty questions with the questions often incorporating further discussions. I can imagine doing this with a group and not being able to get through everything in one session because the group could spend the entire session talking about just one or two of the questions.

If you love Proverbs and want to look at it in a fresh new way, Heart Wisdom would be a great choice for you to study alone or with a Bible study group.

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