When You Need to Move a Mountain book coverAs I prepared to lead our women’s prayer retreat, I read dozens of prayer books including When You Don’t Know What to Pray by Linda Evans Shepherd, so I was excited when I got the invitation to review her newest book. I like both books, but this one really resonates with me.

When You Need to Move a Mountain is all about praying with power. It’s broken down by our prayer needs. Chapters include Prayers for Breakthroughs, Prayers to Win Battles, and Prayers for Our Families. It’s funny because Linda looks at life from a completely different perspective than me. She includes stories about hiking and gardening, battles and fights. They’re not the stories I would have thought of, yet, I get them. They illustrate what she’s trying to say. She also brings to life stories from the Bible as well as stories from other prayer warriors. And interspersed through it all are scripture verses and prayers.

So many things in this book really hit me. My favorite is in the chapter on prayers to win battles. She talks about Moses at the Red Sea, not sure what to do. She points out that Moses turned to God in prayer, but then he had to do something. He had to move forward. She reminds us that when God commands us to move, we need to do what He says and not stand frozen in fear, afraid to proceed.

When I was preparing for the prayer retreat, I started writing down scripture verses that spoke to me. As a result, I now have a box of several hundred scriptures that I can reference. As I read When You Need to Move a Mountain, I had to keep stopping so that I could add verses to my box. In addition, I have a friend who’s going through a difficult time, and several times, I stopped reading so I could message her a scripture that I thought she’d appreciate.

So many books I read and then pass along, but this is a book that I’ll want to keep so I can reference it over and over. I’ll also be recommending it or buying copies to pass along to others. If you’re looking for a book to strengthen your prayer life, this is a good one!

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. Opinions expressed are my own. 

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