Prayer is my passion. I want to learn everything I can about prayer, and have been reading every prayer book I can find. So, of course, I said yes when offered the opportunity to review a new prayer devotional.

She Prays is a 31-day devotional book designed to guide women in their conversations with God. It goes much more in-depth, though than so many devotionals which merely scratch the surface of spiritual applications. She Prays is more of a Bible study that is set up in 31 easy to follow lessons.

She Prays approaches prayer from a completely different angle than any other prayer book I’ve read. It assumes nothing, and yet challenges what you may have heard or thought on the subject. Author Debbie Lindell writes in a very personal and conversational tone as if writing a letter to a dear friend. She includes personal stories, scripture, and thoughts to consider. Each week has a focus – praying with understanding, knowledge, trust, and power. Each day hones in on a different aspect of that week’s focus. She closes each day’s lesson with a writing or reading assignment.

If you’re looking for just one book to help you better understand the basics of prayer and to guide you in your prayer walk, this is the book I’d recommend. It will leave you challenged and more knowledgeable of what the Bible has to say about prayer.

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Note: Special thanks to Revell Reads for the advance copy of the book. Opinions expressed are my own.

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