I love jewelry, especially jewelry that’s eye catching or tells a story, so I immediately jumped on the opportunity to check out Holly Lane Christian Jewelry.

When I saw the name, I pictured cross necklaces and earrings, which is great. I love cross jewelry. But Holly Lane is more than that. Each piece is designed around a scripture verse that provides comfort to the wearer and a conversation starter for all who see it. How cool is that?

I had a difficult time making my necklace selection. Each design by jewelry artist Tiffany Scott is unique and special. The arrow represents Proverbs 3:5-6. The butterfly reminds us of Jesus’ death and resurrection. The compass is based on Proverbs 16:9. So many designs. So many choices. I finally decided on God’s Timing pocket watch to remind me to wait for the Lord (Psalm 27:14).

The company has gone to great effort to pamper the wearer. The jewelry comes in a specially prepared box with sparkly gift wrap, ribbon, and straw. Along with each piece is a scripture card that includes the passage that the design is based on and an encouraging prayer for the wearer.

If you’re looking for jewelry that will provide comfort for you as well as help initiate conversations that could lead to sharing your faith, you’ll want to check out Holly Lane Christian Jewelry. And, of course, with Christmas right around the corner, they make great gift options.

Holly Lane is offering a special discount. Use the code 20FORYOU to receive 20% off your purchase at hollylane.com. You can also click the image below for a chance to win a $10 gift card from Holly Lane.

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Thank you to Holly Lane for the complimentary necklace. Opinions expressed are my own.


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