Good news! I’ve decided to resurrect Faith Flix Favorites. It’s been several years since I’ve done it, but I decided it was time to bring it back to life.

For newer readers, Faith Flix Favorites recognizes my blog and podcast interviews and reviews which have enjoyed the most traffic for the past year. What’s always fascinated me is how some articles remain popular year after year. Like Jefferson Moore. Ever since his interview went live in April 2013, it has consistently remained my most visited article. Then other articles might suddenly peak years after they were first posted. You just never know.

Faith Flix Favorites 2019 will recognize the most popular actors, actresses, authors, film folks, books, and movies. Here are the current leads in each of the categories, but what’s really fun is that these could change dramatically. So if you’ve been interviewed on my blog or podcast or had your movie or book reviewed, then start sharing the link and encouraging people to visit your interview or review.

On January 1, 2020 I’ll post the 2019 Faith Flix Favorite winner and runner up in each category.

Favorite Actor

Robert Thomason
Keith Thibodeaux
Cameron Arnett
Joe Boyd
Kevin Sizemore

Favorite Actress

Christina Karis
Jeannie Garcia
Sandra Flagstad
Tiffany Jordan
Melissa Anschutz

Favorite Author

Michelle Layer Rahal
Caroline George
Nicki Corinne White
Erica Wiggenhorn
DiAnn Mills

Favorite Film Folks

Jefferson Moore
Laura Mae
Jean Selig Wenger
Gabrielle Evans Fields
Thom Rachford

Favorite Book

Eat Live Thrive
The Least of These
CSB Study Bible for Women
Tony Evans Study Bible
City of Prayer

Favorite Movie

Where is Good?
The Book of Esther
Saved by Grace
Touched by Grace

Reminder – Faith Flix Favorites are the blog posts with the most traffic for 2019. Winners and Runners Up will be announced January 1, 2020.
Good Luck! Happy Sharing!


  1. Hi Sharon

    Thank you so much for listing me among favorite authors. What an honor!

    Have a wonderful Christmas celebration.




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