The Art of Friendship by Kim Wier

Ever since reading Anne of Green Gables, I’ve always felt like having “bosom friends” was a special gift of God and that we each were blessed with one or two in our lifetime. And while I still believe that there is a special bond that we have with a few close friends, after reading The Art of Friendship by Kim Wier, I have come to realize that friendship is more than just sitting around and waiting for those special people to come our way.

The subtitle of the book is “Creating and Keeping Relationships That Matter”. In this conversational book, author Kim Wier opens by sharing about a time in her life when she realized her dog had more friends in her life than she did. What a hard hitting truth that was. She then goes on to explain that friendships don’t happen by magic. They take time to nurture and grow. They require sacrifice as we take time out of our busy days to spend time with friends. Sometimes they’re work. But in the end, the sacrifices and work are worth it.

As I read through The Art of Friendship, I developed a better understanding of why the friendships I’ve had have been successful. It’s reminded me that Facebook “friends” are not always “friends” in the true sense of the word. It’s challenged me to be more intentional as I interact with other women, focusing on not only how to find friends, but how to be a friend to more women in my world.

I was blessed to be a part of The Art of Friendship launch team, and I’m excited to announce that it released to the world today. If you’re feeling alone and in need of companionship, I would encourage you to get a copy today. If you already have plenty of friends, get a copy to help you strengthen those friendships so that they can go the distance with you. I honestly can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from reading The Art of Friendship.

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I received a complimentary copy of the book. Opinions expressed are my own.

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