As a women’s ministry leader as well as a new grandparent, I am pleased to share about Resilient: Child Discipleship and the Fearless Future of the Church.

Resilient addresses the problem of raising children in the church in this post Christian world. It asks the questions of how effectively are churches are discipling children and youth and are they preparing them to be tomorrow’s church leaders. The authors encourage church leaders to see the church of 2050 and develop a strategy to equip our next generation for the task they have before them.

I love that Resilient is filled with real life examples of children and leaders. It’s also sourced with statistics and facts that are sobering but need to be addressed.

Resilient isn’t a feel-good read. It’s a text for Christian adults who are serious about discipling young people. It lays out the current situation and presents a plan to put into action. It can be read alone or would be great as a text to use as you train the workers and volunteers at your church.

If you’d like to check Resilient out and see how it might impact the way you do ministry at your church, register for a free copy.

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