I love connecting with women who are using media to make a difference in this world, so I was excited to be introduced to Rosie Makinney in a Christian podcasting Facebook group. When I checked out her podcast, I discovered she was in a midst of a book launch. So today I’m excited to interview Rosie to help spread the word about her new book, her podcast, and her ministry.

Tell us about Fight For Love, your new book release. What inspired this book?

In a nutshell, I don’t want women to suffer silently in porn affected marriages for a single day longer than they have to. There is great hope. Porn free marriages are possible, but you have to know how to fight effectively. Unfortunately, because of misconceptions, myths and misinformation about porn and porn addiction, much of the well-meant advice given to Christian wives actually makes the situation worse. 

Wives have a crucial role to play but in a far more proactive way than the church currently promotes. I want to educate and empower wives into taking proactive action that will protect their marriage, and save them both years of heartache and pain. I also want the church to understand what a powerful weapon they have sitting silently in the pews. With porn contributing to half a million divorces every year, and 64% of Christian households admitting that porn is an issue for them, it is no longer enough to pick up the wounded, we have to go on the offensive. In the Church’s epic battle against porn, an army of proactive faith-filled women standing firm against porn is vital to success. This book is the recruitment manual for such an army. 

My hope is that this book:

  • Gives hope to the woman whose husband has forsaken her in favor of porn
  • Comforts the woman who believes her husband would stop if he really loved her
  • Educates the woman who thinks porn is harmless
  • Reassures the woman who feels that it is her fault
  • Empowers women to take proactive, biblically sound, action to take back their marriage. 
  • Breaks the shame of women who struggle themselves
  • Wakes up parents to the growing problem of porn addiction amongst girls. 
  • Provides a baseline of knowledge for all women whether personally affected or not.
  • Equips leaders in the church to give good advice

What has been the greatest challenge of releasing a book during this crazy time of quarantine?

I think my greatest challenge is the constant multi-tasking, and never having anytime alone. Trying to homeschool and keep all the plates spinning is really exhausting! I’m slowly accepting that it’s just not possible to get everything done to the standard that I would like. The greatest practical challenge in terms of launching the book is actually getting books to readers. Amazon has deprioritized book sales at the moment, so everything is delayed. Fortunately, Lifeway have an online store so readers can still get hold of the book, and they are running an amazing offer of 77% off for the first month! 

What has been the reaction so far to the book?

The response has been really encouraging and rewarding. To have women reach out and tell me that now they feel hopeful is incredible. The Fight For Love team and I have just launched a private Facebook group to support and connect women dealing with porn addiction in their relationship, and it is really satisfying to see women steadily joining up and feeling heard and seen.   

Tell us about your Fight For Love ministry and the many different ways you’re spreading hope and help for those fighting porn.

Fight For Love Ministries is a growing community of Christian women empowering other women in porn affected marriages with the facts and faith to fight back effectively. We host a weekly podcast show called FIGHT FOR LOVE which is an honest, upbeat, weekly panel discussion show. Each week we give listeners clarity on what they might be experiencing, hope that there is another way, and a glimpse into how amazing recovery fellowship can be!  Now we have the book launched, and also the online support group. We also reach women through speaking at churches and via social media channels.

What brought together the panel of women who co-host with you on your podcast?

I knew Mindy, Miranda and Crystal through the recovery community that my husband and I have created here on the Central Coast of California. Jene I met when I was booked to speak at her church and she opened the meeting by sharing her own story. At soon as I saw her boldness and passion for helping others be set free, I knew she had to be part of the team! All the ladies on the team have fought hard for porn free marriages and won! We are all passionate about giving God all the glory for the miracles he did in our marriages, and in our hearts.  

As you travel and speak to women around the country, what is the question that comes up the most?

The main questions that I hear about porn addiction are:

  • Is it my fault? 
  • Is there any hope? 
  • How do I best help him? 
  • Why does he do it?

What has God taught you during this time of quarantine?

The sovereignty of God always takes my breath away. With the largest porn company making their subscription service free to the entire world for thirty days, and causing unprecedented levels of traffic to their website, a book for wives struggling in porn affected marriages is needed like never before. As much as I try to plan for things, and make things happen, I am reminded again and again that His timing is perfect, His authority is absolute and His love for His children is fierce and unrelenting. 

Anything else you’d like to share?

I would love to share a free resource with you. It’s a 7-Day Devotional for wives of porn addicts and it is available at YouVersion  http://bible.us/r/4xZ

Social Corner:

Visit the Fight For Love Website

Listen to the Fight For Love Podcast

Buy Fight For Love book – available from Lifeway on sale for $5.00 (Limited offer) 

Join the Fight For Love Private Facebook Support Group

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