Have you ever been in debt? Have you ever had others demanding from you what you didn’t have to give? Have you ever witnessed a miracle?

In today’s episode of All God’s Women we look at the Prophet’s Widow, a woman with debt collectors knocking on her door and she had no way to repay them. 

The Bible is filled with God granting miracles for widows. Each widow faced difficulties far beyond anything they could handle on their own. And in each case, God showed them that they weren’t alone and that He cared for them. He provided for them in ways they didn’t expect, and in doing so, demonstrated His amazing love for them.

What about you? Are you feeling pressure to provide for your family but you don’t know how you’re going to? Are debt collectors knocking on your door or calling you on the phone? Do you stare at the bills and wonder how on earth they’re ever going to get paid? 

God loves you. And just as He provided for the prophet’s widow, so He can provide for you. 

First, go directly to God. Tell Him your situation. Ask Him what you’re supposed to do. He already knows, but He wants to hear it from you. And He needs to know you’re listening. 

Right now, get on your knees and pour out your heart to the Lord Jesus. Plead your case. Admit your helplessness. Beg for His mercy and provision. Then sit back and listen to what He has to say. Get out your Bible. Read the story of the prophet’s widow in 2 Kings 4. Read a psalm or two. Ask God to make it obvious what you’re supposed to do. Then do it.

He may ask you to do something that’s humbling. It will likely take faith on your part. It may require you to look around at what you have and do something with the resources He’s already blessed you with. The widow didn’t have much. But she did have oil. What do you have? 

The Prophet's Widow

Bible Study

Scripture Background

2 Kings 4

Bible Study Review

  1. Why did the widow go to Elisha?
  2. How did Elisha help her?
  3. How were the widow’s sons involved in the miracle?

Thoughts to Ponder

  1. Why does God allow godly men to die young?
  2. What could the widow’s husband have done differently?
  3. Why did Elisha have them pouring the oil in the privacy of their home?

Personal Reflection

  1. Have you ever been in as desperate a situation as the widow was in?
  2. Who do you turn to in times of trouble?
  3. Think of a time God provided for your financial needs.

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