Lauren Daigle is one of my favorite music artists, so when I found out she was hosting a television Christmas show, I jumped on the opportunity to preview it. I’m glad I did.

Remember the old fashioned musical variety shows with beautifully decorated sets, an orchestra or band, and a studio audience, and in between the songs, the stars would share memories? Well, that’s what this is. From the moment it began, I was in love. Everything about it is done with timeless excellence and class.

The music is amazing. I didn’t realize that Lauren was from Louisiana, but she shares how she wanted to capture the Louisiana jazz style music for this show. She has a live band who is phenomenal. The songs are almost all traditional Christmas carols with a New Orleans jazz sound. You’ll swear you’re being swept back in time to the days of big band music.

In between the sets, Lauren speaks candidly to the camera, sharing Christmas memories, traditions, and behind the scenes stories. It’s a nice personal touch that draws you in and makes you feel connected to her.

It’s funny because I generally have a short attention span, but my only complaint with Christmas Under the Stars is that it wasn’t long enough. I could have listened for much longer.

Christmas Under the Stars airs December 6 at 9pmET on BYUTV, a free streaming app. If you enjoy traditional Christmas programing and big band Christmas songs, you’ll not want to miss out. I can’t wait to watch it again!

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Christmas Under the Stars Website


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