My desire with All God’s Women is that it will inspire you to want to study more in depth on your own. But maybe you’re not sure how to do that. It’s easy to quickly read the stories and assume that what you notice on a surface level is all there is to it. Take it a little slower, however, and you begin to notice things you didn’t catch before. Start asking questions, and your understanding takes on a whole new level.

Here are some questions to guide you along as you read about the different women in the Bible:

  • Who was this woman? (genealogy, family, marital status, social status, character)
  • Why is she included in the Bible?
  • What does her story tell us about God?
  • How are you like her?
  • What can you learn from her story?
  • How is God using this story to speak to you right now?
  • If you were already familiar with this woman, what is something new you learned about her?
  • If she is unnamed, why do you think God didn’t include her name?

Asking questions should hopefully lead you on a quest to learn more. By using a study Bible or Bible study tools, you can gain an even greater understanding of what the story or passage is about.

I’ve been blessed to be able to review a number of study Bibles. Here are some of those as well as other recommended resources to assist your Bible women studies:

If you’re wanting to do a topical study of women in the Bible, I’ve organized episodes of All God’s Women by topic so you can work your way that way, seeing what God has to say through the different women who dealt with each issue.

Search by topic to find a Bible woman going through a similar situation as you’re dealing with.

As you delve into the stories of the Bible women, I’d love to hear what new observations or lessons you glean. You can share here, on social media, or in the All God’s Women Bible Study group on Facebook.

Listen to this week’s episode of All God’s Women.

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