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In March 2020 while the world was shutting down, I launched the All God’s Women podcast. It was something to do that kept me occupied at home, but I had no idea how God was going to take my passion for women in the Bible and run with it.

Last spring around this time, my husband Fred asked me if I had any new goals. I blurted out that I wanted a radio show. It came out of nowhere, but I knew it was God. Only I knew nothing about radio. So, I began researching and learning and in May I launched my 2-minute weekly show based off my All God’s Women podcast. I contacted radio stations and launched with 5. I’ve continued adding 1-2 each month, expanding to 18 stations in 6 countries.

One of the first contacts I made was with Moody Radio Network, but they weren’t adding new shows. However, I kept checking in, and I’m excited to announce that starting this weekend, you’ll be able to listen to All God’s Women on the Moody Radio Network.

Years ago, when I was a community college student, then later when I was a teacher, I had long commutes, so I would listen to Christian radio. My favorite thing was the little snippets (that’s all I knew to call them) that would be 1-2 minutes with a speaker sharing a story or mini sermon. I loved those and thought that would be the coolest thing to do. I considered majoring in radio, but that didn’t make sense. I didn’t want to work in radio, I just wanted to be heard on radio. I figured you had to be famous or something first, so I dismissed it as unreachable.

Who could have imagined that God would send me off in completely different directions, but decades later bring me right to the place I originally wanted to be? God is so good! I want to shout it from the mountaintops. His ways are not our ways. HIs timing is not our timing. But his plans are the best if we only trust in him and follow him one step at a time.

Check with your local radio station to see if they’re carrying All God’s Women. If not, encourage them to do so. Learn more at All God’s Women Radio.

Listen to All God's Women on Moody radio

3 thoughts on “All God’s Women Radio

  1. Wow! That is so wonderful! Wishing you all success.

    1. Thanks ! I’m very excited to see what God has in store!

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