Release Date: February 2016 Writer/Director: Sharon Wilharm Producer: Fred Wilharm Stars: Juli Tapken, Rich Swingle, Stacey Bradshaw, Josh Allen, Emily Knapp, Chase Anderson, Irene Santiago Available: Christian Cinema Rachel Cartwright and Mitchell Little both grow up in the small town of Providence, Tennessee. Their paths keep crossing and at one point it looks like they’ll…


Release Date:  2016 Writer: Sharon Wilharm Director: Sharon Wilharm Producer: Fred Wilharm Stars: Juli Tapken, Rich Swingle, Stacey Bradshaw, Josh Allen, Emily Knapp, Chase Anderson, Irene Santiago, Rob Wilds Available: Christian Cinema

Providence Heads to Colorado, Indiana, and Tennessee

Last weekend was busy with PROVIDENCE screenings in Kentucky and Vermont. This week the movie screenings continue in Colorado, Indiana, and Tennessee. Hope you can make at least one of the events. First, we’re honored to be the movie of the week at the Vali 3 Theater in Monte Vista, Colorado. PROVIDENCE screens at 7:00pm Friday and…

Providence Theatrical Release – In Pictures

Providence movie released in seven cities on Friday, February 12. As part of the release, we had Q and A sessions at each of the theaters. It was a whirlwind of a weekend to say the least. The movie is still showing, but we’re finally home and able to catch our breath long enough to…

Providence Movie – The Adventure Begins

Today we begin our promotional tour, heading to Atlanta so that I can speak at tomorrow’s Faith in Film breakfast. I’m nervous but excited, feeling boosted by all the prayers going out on our behalf.

Providence Theatrical Release – Coming Soon!

In less than a week Providence will be releasing to AMC theaters in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Charlotte, Tulsa, Destin, and Jacksonville. It doesn’t seem possible that our little silent movie love story is getting a real theatrical release. Who would have imagined? Certainly not us.

Providence Movie Red Carpet Premiere

One of the highlights for a filmmaker is that moment when people see your film for the first time. All those many hours of work are put to the test as you anxiously wait to find out the audience reaction to your baby. Will they catch the humor? Will they feel the emotion? Will they…