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Abigail Marries David

After Abigail fed David and his men, she went on to prophecy to him. She assured him he would be king because he was good and he fought the battles of the Lord. She told him that though Saul pursued him, David would be victorious. But she warned him that when that time came, he didn’t want unnecessary bloodshed on his hands. She said he should leave the revenge of Nabal to God.

Her words hit hard. David thanked her for preventing him from doing something he would later regret. 

Abigail returned home to find Nabal drunk and still feasting. She waited until the morning when he was sober to tell him what she did. 

The Bible tells us that when Nabal heard what happened, his “heart died within him” and ten days later he died. 

When David learned of Nabal’s death, he sent word to Abigail asking her to be his wife. She went in haste and rode on a donkey, bringing with her five maidservants. 

Abigail left her wealthy adobe in order to join David’s camp in the wilderness. She knew, though, that it was only a temporary situation and that eventually he would be king. 

We have two more references to Abigail. While David and his men were at war, the Amalekites invaded and burned down Ziklag, the town where they were staying, and took captive Abigail and the other women and children of the camp. Fortunately, David and his men were able to rescue the captives and bring them back to safety. 

No mention is made of love on the part of Abigail or David. It was a marriage of respect. Abigail watched out for David, and he took care of her.

Read about Abigail in Scripture: 1 Samuel 25.

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